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Top 5 Reasons Why Fortnite Will Continue to Dominate 2019

It's unlikely you haven't heard the name Fortnite at least once in recent months even if you don't play video games; such has been the rise of the multiplayer battle royale game. Fortnite, the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, released by Epic Games last September, which is so popular among players and now has 200 million registered users. Could Fortnite continue to dominate 2019? Here are five ways Fortnite can keep dominating the Battle Royale Genre in 2019.

1. Continued Push Into eSports and Competitive Opportunities

2018 saw Epic Games begin to push Fortnite as a viable eSport, and although it was undoubtedly a good result in some regards, it is nonetheless got a strategy to go before it is around the same level as Dota or League of Legends as an eSport titan.

When Epic Games poured a massive $100 million into competitive Fortnite in 2018, using a $1 million prize pool for its Winter Royale event, it didn't get almost everything appropriate. The inclusion of your newly-released Infinity Blade inside a competitive tournament was a misstep.

It was overpowered, entirely altered the balance and meta on the game, and was just new. That all tends to make for an item that only shouldn't be included in a competitive event, and after the community united against the Infinity Blade, it's unlikely Epic Games is going to produce that mistake once again.

That is getting started, 2018 was a solid start for Fortnite's push into eSports. The giant $100 million prize pool dwarfed that of rival eSports, as well as the reality it identified a solution to give your typical Joe an opportunity of taking component gives players an explanation to continue playing.

They desire to strengthen and get their hands on that money funds, not to mention the possibility to show up huge names like Ninja, Dr.Lupo and TSM Myth and make a name for themselves.

For some, playing Fortnite for straightforward enjoyment is enough, but for other folks, playing on the competitive stage is the ultimate aim. Epic Games has made significant actions to cater to this audience in 2018, and with all the same commitment in 2019, it can genuinely establish Fortnite as a dominant name in eSports, and not only as an exciting multiplayer video game.

2. Much more Crossover Events

Arguably one of several greatest crossover events that video games saw in 2018 was Thanos' cameo appearance within a Limited Time Event in Fortnite. The Infinity Gauntlet mode saw a meteor strike drop the insanely potent gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War somewhere around the map. Choosing it up saw players transform into Thanos.

That brought with it some insane powers, for instance, a laser attack, insanely useful punch that could destroy objects and deal harm to players, in addition to a huge jump and ground pound attack. Not to mention the improved shield and well being.

Not merely did this give Marvel fans a strategy to soak up even more from the Infinity War hype though playing Fortnite. However, it showed the possible the battle royale title has to push the boat out. Though Blackout and PUBG are stuck in their relatively grounded military sim genre, Fortnite can about do whatever it desires when it comes to crossovers.

With Avengers: Endgame hitting the primary screen later this year, it just about appears like a cert that we'll see the Infinity Gauntlet mode return once more or anything to celebrate its release as soon as once again. Beyond that, though, what about events to tie in with other major video game releases?

The Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts III sitting atop Polar Peaks? Or possibly a Demogorgon could appear to wreak havoc in the Fortnite globe when Stranger Factors Season three hits Netflix in July. Heck, you might even get X-Wings along with the Millennium Falcon zipping by way of Fortnite's skies to celebrate Star Wars: Episode IX's release.

Epic, hit us up, we've got a lot more where these came from!

3. Releasing Save the World as Free-to-Play

Though Battle Royale is arguably the huge hitter for Epic Games in terms of Fortnite, the PvE mode, Save the World, released initial but was quickly overshadowed. In spite of not fairly obtaining precisely the same mass appeal as Battle Royale, Save the World is usually a fairly darn fun game, and the sooner Epic Games tends to make it free-to-play, the much better.

With a range of diverse classes with exceptional skills, events cropping up just about every now and then to maintain players coming back, and entirely free V-Bucks up for grabs (though regardless of whether these might be removed as soon as it goes free-to-play remains to be seen), the two modes would go hand-in-hand in keeping players glued to Fortnite.

Spend some time playing with mates in Save the World, strengthen those speed-building capabilities in a significantly less demanding environment, grind out some of these free V-Bucks, after which hop into Battle Royale for some more competitive action and to invest said V-Bucks on a shiny new skin or cosmetic item.

It is the colorful and over-the-top planet of Fortnite that tends to make it such an attractive title. If Epic can get the final polish on Save the World and release a PvE experience to the masses even though Battle Royale nonetheless has the buzz about it, we could see Fortnite fever attain a whole new level.

4. Much more In-Game Events

Epic Games shocked players with all the Cube in-game event towards the end of Season 6. Sure, we saw the comet crash, rocket launch, formation from the rift, and lightning strikes to make the cube before this, nevertheless it was its explosion over Loot Lake that blew players' minds.

Becoming transported into a Matrix-like planet for any short few minutes in the middle of a game, players had been greeted to a rather magical moment. Following some rather eloquent interactions with a butterfly-like creature, it was time for you to return to the chaos of your actual Fortnite globe.

They had been spat back out on the rift above the world only to view Loot Lake had been totally transformed in the course of their short period of absence. An impressive technical feat, sure, but it is the community togetherness of these events that make them feel so specific.

In most situations (not absolutely everyone can help themselves), players leave would-be enemies alone around these in-game events, allowing them to spectate and love the spectacular moments Epic has developed. Sure, you may watch the countless videos of it on YouTube, but it's not fairly the same as becoming there oneself.

5. Continued Weekly Balance Tweaks and Content Updates

Pobody's nerfect and the same thing can be said about video games. Regardless of how compelling Fortnite is right now, there's always something that could be tweaked or improved upon to make things that tiny bit much better. Epic Games knows this and has been committed to releasing weekly balance tweaks and content updates.

Sure, Epic might not change something immediately that's deemed 'broken' or just a poor addition towards the encounter by a portion in the fanbase, but that's what comes with an enormous 200 million player install base. There's got to be some give and take, but if 2018's anything to go by, the developer's got it right nine times out of ten.

Even when the developer does make a wrong step, such as the recently released and pulled Infinity Blade being included inside a competitive event, it is quick to acknowledge its mistakes and put things right.

Yes, the Stormwing Planes and Boomboxes right now are a little bit broken, but we wouldn't be surprised if a patch nerfs and remedies these inside the coming weeks, if not today, even.

As long as Epic Games continues to listen to its community and make adjustments based on player experiences, Fortnite could continue to dominate 2019. It's already got a massive lead over its competition; now it is simply a case of maintaining the excitement of getting that Victory Royale and ensuring there's ample reason to come back and try.