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Lost Ark Guide: All 7 Great Brewery Locations Mokoko Seed

It smells like this brewery makes some great drinks. Let's see if we find any mokoko seeds!

The Wonderful Brewery is an interesting dungeon where you have to smash items like barrels to get mokoko seeds.  I recommend breaking anything that can be broken to get the Lost Ark items.

There are 7 seeds hidden in this dungeon. Most players have a hard time finding these seeds, as some of them are hidden inside items. Do not worry!

This guide will help you find all the mokoko seeds in the wonderful brewery in the Lost Ark.



Wonderful brewery All Mokoko Seeds - Lost Ark

This dungeon is different in that it has breakable barrels. Hidden in these barrels are mokoko seeds that you'll need to crack open to find and collect!

The first location is right in the first room where you will meet Indar. Have a wonderful liquor with him and get drunk.

Then you need to go to a large room with several barrels. Destroy the barrels and kill all the chickens that were inside to open your hidden room.

Once the yellow arrow appears, jump down to the hidden liquor store and continue east. You will then notice two Mokoko seeds spread out on the floor.

The second location for the third Mokoko seed is on the balcony, which is hidden by a red curtain and a mob will hide there. Just kill the mob and collect the mokoko seed from the ground!

The mob you kill is a hangover imp. You will need to kill all three imps to unlock Mokoko seed 5 and 6.

This location is just for killing the second imp, which will be standing in front of the red curtain. Kill all three to unlock Mokoko Seeds 5-6.

This is a hidden location on the wall where you have to go through the wall to get to the Mokoko seed. First, there will be 3 wheels in the room that you need to spin. After that, just go through and collect your seed. The entrance to the room is indicated by a red arrow.

If you can't enter this area, it means you need to go back and destroy any remaining barrels in the dungeon. Here you will find the last hangover imp, and he will open the last seeds of Mokoko.

You must go through the ventilation passage behind these two mokoko seeds. Once you enter a large room filled with the Demons of the Greedy Legion, quickly turn left and back up against the wall. A black passage will appear out of nowhere on the wall and let you through. This is the location of the fifth and sixth Mokoko seed.

This is an interesting place. You will need to destroy every remaining breakable barrel for the yellow arrows to appear in front of the web. Once you've broken all the barrels, yellow arrows will appear on the ground, allowing you to access the last Mokoko seed.