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NBA 2K21 Modeling Basic Teaching Strategy

NBA 2K1 is a basketball video game. This is the second part of the NBA 2K series of video games. It was developed by Visual Concepts and published by Sega Sports. This is the first NBA 2K game featuring online multiplayer games, and the first game to feature street routes instead of playing games in the arena in the first game, and famous street stadiums such as The Cage, Rucker Park, Franklin Park, and Goat Park. It was released in North America together with Dreamcast on October 31, 2000. The rapper Redman appeared in the video game, Here nba2k21mt share NBA 2K21 Modeling Basic Teaching Strategy for you.

First: The unlocking of the highest skills is a 90-point attribute, such as layup/slam dunk/dribble. Their highest technical action is that 90 can be unlocked and purchased. That is to say, up to 95 peak eggs are useless, and extra At 5 o'clock, you can't experience it at all, so you can save those 5 o'clock to order something else.

Second: Card badge skill points. For example, if you are a sharpshooter, when you fill up all the shooting points, it seems that you will be given 30 shot badge skill points. Then you can find a shooting attribute and decrease it. Tap a little and decrease it to see when his badge skill points to 29 so that you can get stuck on 30 skill points without wasting precious attribute points

Third: There must be a defense. It is challenging to play without defense when playing leagues and blocks. When you have no defense skills, you are a free agent, which means that your role is entirely controlled by you when you are defense. Due to the relationship between personal reaction, flexibility, and lateral agility, you are easy to get rid of by the opponent. For example, if the outside defense reaches 70, the opponent accelerates to breakthrough. You will stick to the opponent like a magnet when you are in close protection, and you don't even need to go. Control the direction, and he will automatically follow the defender. The speed of movement depends on the lateral agility and your basic speed, and of course, your reaction. The higher, the faster, the tighter you will follow.

On the contrary, you have no defensive attributes. Then you will be easily get rid of by fast players because you are not sticky or not with people. For example, you set a specific defensive skill to 75 when modeling, but you did not choose to develop first when you were growing up. This attribute is not even a little bit, then we tell you, he still exists, but it is not so powerful, but it is always easy to use