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A Week of Global News Review, The Division 2 update

This week, the SHIFT UP studio, which was founded by the former "Blade and Soul" art director Jin Hengtai, held a press conference and announced two new works "Project EVE" and "Project NIKKE". According to the latest exposure trailer, it is still familiar. Jin Hengtai, still the familiar Bns Style


NO.1 Project EVE promotional video

NO.2 Project NIKKE promotional video

NO.3 1. "Borderlands 3" officially announced the release date

This week, 2K and Gearbox officially announced that Borderlands 3 will be officially released on September 13 this year. The game will be launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. The PC platform will be exclusively in Epic Mall for half a year, April 2020. After that, you will log in to other stores on the PC platform.

NO.4 2. Hanbok "TERA" linked to the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Recently, the hanbok "TERA" publicized the introduction video of the linkage activity with "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds". As you can see from the video, through this linkage activity, the game will not only play the "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" helmet and the monster holding the pan, but also the air supply box, open to get various rewards.

NO.5 3. Black Desert offers a horse rental service for up to 7 days.

On April 3, the hanbok "Black Desert" added the rental function of the mount (horse). After this update, players can rent their own mounts to other players. In the future, players can spend 100,000 deposits to rent horses registered in the stables for up to 7 days.

NO.6 4. The three key words of the mobile game "TRAHA"

NEXON's mobile game "TRAHA" recently launched the role of advance generation activity and officially entered the preparations before going online. The game is called "new IP with a pre-registration of more than 3 million in the most time" in Korea, "the biggest expectation in the first half of 2019" and so on.

NO.7 5. Betfair's "Resident Evil" live-action series episodes exposed the first stills

As early as last year, "Resident Evil2: Remastered Edition" just announced that the news has not yet been released. Hollywood media such as "Deadline" broke the news that Netfair is filming the "Resident Evil" live-action series. Recently, foreign media Comicbookmovie first exposed the first stills of the live-action series. In the stills, Lyon is handsome and debuts and goes deep into the mountains to hunt down enemies.

NO.8 6. The Great God broke the news that Destiny 3 will be released in 2020.

Since Bungie announced that it has cooperated with Activision and acquired the copyright of Destiny, many players are very concerned about Destiny 3, which will be completely developed by Bungie. Although the current "Destiny 3" Bungie did not disclose much news but recently broke the news of the great god AnonTheNine brought a lot of good news.

NO.9 7. "Kritika" launches the super gram of the magician: Dark Knight

On April 4th, the hanbok "Kritika" launched the super gram "Dark Knight Phantom" of the Shadowsman. One of the careers of the magician as a magician is a hybrid mage who can use both magic and guns. The sorcerer can use the shadow magic to bind the enemy first, and then use the gun to carry out a brute force attack. It is the only one in the magician who can be close combat.

NO.10 8. "The Division 2" ushered in the first major update after the release

This week, Ubisoft's popular shooting game "The Division 2" officially launched the first large-scale update "invasion" after the release, this update will be on the line of the mission "Tide of the tide" and the new package, and the first series A copy of the 8-person "Dark Time" action will be updated on April 25.

NO.11 9. Co-production shooter new work "Remnant: From the Ashes" latest publicity film open

A few days ago, publisher Perfect World and developer Gunfire Games jointly released the latest promotional video of their new collaboration game "Remnant: From the Ashes", which showed players the global environment in the game after being destroyed in the game. Let's take a look.

Two companies announced plans for a new project this week. First, developer Paradox Interactive announced that it will work with John Romero to create a new original IP RTS game. As the father of FPS, John Romero will not do familiar FPS games this time, instead of doing RTS. Not surprising. Secondly, Brendan Greene, creative director of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, announced that he intends to move to a new tour. He does not intend to do "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 2" or a similar big escape game. It seems that the two great gods are ready to challenge the new type.

Let’s talk about anti-addiction. This week, the Korean Women’s Family Department decided to continue to use the “Deep Night Forced Offline System” for PC-side swimmers (banned under 16 years of age from 9 am to 6 am). The mobile game is still not included in the anti-addiction. This decision was met by Korean players and said, "Because mobile games make more money, they will not be banned."

Speaking of mobile games to make more money, then you have to mention Pay To Win. Recently, a Japanese non-Emirates player was arrested for sending a threatening email to SE. Although the violent old man put his dissatisfaction into action, but mainly because the choice is not the right way, and finally have to go in and stay for a few days. Therefore, everyone here, don't learn the behavior of this player, just be a harmonious player.


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