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4 best helmets in Escape from Tarkov

In games where headshots determine life and death, Takov players sometimes find that helmets are the most crucial equipment in the game. A good helmet can prevent you from being hit when a shot injures you for the first time. Not only can you protect your life, items, resources, and Tarkov money in the game. Not all players agree with this, but those who care about their upper limit want the best option. So, let us collect the top headdresses outside to help you escape from Tarkov.



Crye Precision AirFrame Helmet

Although not the most durable option, this level 4 helmet still has its charm. After all, despite the rising ranking, it has one of the best ratios between durability and shortcomings. For example, unlike many top helmets, it does not reduce movement speed. Otherwise, it has a durability of 40, a weight of 0.88 kg, and protects the head and nape. However, it also has a -3% turning speed and -3 ergonomics. However, many other top helmets have the same problems or worse (just bring better positives).



Rys-T Bulletproof Helmet

This level 5 helmet can protect the head, nape, and ears, which is a favorite thing for many Takov players. It has high durability of 50 and is one of the best protective headgear in the game. Nevertheless, it does have significant disadvantages. High noise reduction, -4 ergonomics, -3% movement speed and -6% turning speed are all severe considerations that follow. It is also relatively lightweight (2.5 kg).



Altyn Assault Helmet

In short, Altyn is great because it is Rys-T on a budget. It protects the same head, nape, and ears and is equally rude to the player (but worse). With Altyn, you have to deal with painful -7% movement speed, -17% turning speed, -6 ergonomics, and 4 kg weight. However, its coverage and durability still make it one of the best choices in games (and cheaper than some other preferred products).



Vulkan-5 Heavy Helmet

Without a doubt, this is the most durable helmet in the game, with a score of 55 points and impressive coverage of the nape, head, and ears. Its armor level is 6, which is the highest level you can have, so it has some good advantages, such as its weight worth 4.5 kg. However, its disadvantages are drastic. It does not have a full face mask, only a sun visor, high noise reduction, -7% movement speed, -20 ergonomics, and -33% painful turning speed. If you want the best protection in the game, buy Vulkan, but if you think the sports price is not worth it, check out any other excellent helmet.


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