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FIFA 22 Closed Beta Details

The FIFA 22 beta will officially be launched around 6 PM (UK) today, where certain users will be able to finally test FIFA. The game is available to download now but you can only access the main menu where you can configure some settings.

If you were selected for the FFA 22 beta, you would have received this email from EA Sports claiming you are chosen. Don't worry if you were not selected because there would be a second batch of codes released to players. This is the message from the FIFA 22 Beta where EA Sports states that the closed beta is not allowed to be captured.

This year, EA is also giving out more FIFA 22 beta codes to players on next-gen consoles compared to old-gen consoles. Hopefully, after the beta is over, we can look at gameplay clips and see new features that were added to the game. The beta closes on the 2nd of September, so for about 3 weeks, players will be giving their views and feedback regarding the game.

Here are the instructions in order to download the FIFA 22 beta if were a selected player and given an email by EA Sports. Remember, you cannot send the code to another person. The codes sent out are associated with a specific account.

Note: Progress made on the FIFA 22 Beta will also not carry onto the official FIFA 22 game coming out next month.

The aim of the beta is to just test out the gameplay and give back a valid review to the FIFA development team. Comment down below if you were lucky enough or not to receive a FIFA 22 beta code this year.

Chosen players will only be allowed to play one mode and Kick-off - The email will state what modes you were chosen for. All modes in the game will be unlocked to players next week. Kick-Off, Ultimate Team, career mode, volta, and pro clubs.

Note: only PS and Xbox players from US and UK are allowed to playtest the FIFA 22 beta (No other eligibility).

The file you have to download is around 36GB, no matter the game modes you have selected - There could possibly be updates later on. The beta is only available in English. That's one of the reasons why only players from countries in which English is the native language are invited.

The players and ratings used in the FIFA 22 closed beta are from FIFA 21 ratings will be later revealed by EA Sports before release (Next month). Even if you find differences, it doesn't mean that those ratings will be used on the final game release (applies to any squad ratings as well)

If you feel like you've earned a beta code check your email to see if you got one (Take a look at the spam box especially). EA sends all beta communication from "" so don't expect an email from any other unknown source or domain.

Before the beta becomes live to players, volta pitch notes and brand new gameplay would be released later on today. Bear in mind, by taking part in the FIFA 22 beta you will have agreed to some phrases and situations which feature a confidentiality clause. Because of this, you will not have the ability to expose any details about the FIFA 22 beta, share any video or stream it.

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