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Maplestory 2 10-player dungeons Shadow Altar Chaos Raids guides

Maplestory 2 Updated Chaos Raids dungeons. These 10-player dungeons will be the most difficult fights you've seen in MapleStory 2 with the most powerful rewards to match! Maplestory 2 is also going to be unloading a Set of quality of life improvements to make your time in Maple World even better, plus special Thanksgiving events and a new slate of items in the Style Crate! here we will share you Shadow Altar Chaos Raids 10-player dungeons guides for you

Task Assignment:
Knight: Knight's main task is the full-screen stun skills of BOSS before each jump to the platform, and the full-screen spike skill in the poisonous water later. It is best to release "1" on the public screen before releasing invincible so that teammates can gather. If there are two Knights in the team, you need to negotiate the order. If you open the invincible at the same time, it will be very embarrassing. If there is only one Knight, basically invincible will be placed on the first jump platform and full screen spike.

Priest: Priest's main task is of course to add blood. If there are two Priests in the team, you need to communicate with the Priest position in advance. One needs to follow the BOSS all the time, and the other is to use the Master to clean up the Small Monsters in the poisonous water. If only A Priest is followed by BOSS.

High-small small Monsters: The high-rise area is the high-risk area for the Devorak rollover. The cleaning task of the high-small small Monsters must be clearly assigned in advance. Generally, this task is carried out by heavy artillery, mages, Archer and other remote occupations. In addition to arranging the high-level cleaning tasks, one more need to be arranged. In order to avoid cleaning up the high-level teammates, no one cleans up the high platform. If the output is sufficient, the high-level processing is easy to pass.

Smell Monsters: The small Monsters in the poisonous water are generally cleaned by the Master and Archer, because the small Monsters in the poisonous water is a property blame, and the resistance to non-attribute attacks is very high. The last wave of small Monsters can also be cleaned up by Knight. .

Chaos Devorak's preparation work is basically the same. In fact, Devorak is not terrible. The most important thing is the communication between the ten teammates. The position and the tasks that everyone needs to be responsible in advance, as long as the communication is good, try to practice again. A few times, it is easy to pass.

The first stage:
BOSS's attack method is very simple, throwing a yellow floor, paying attention to the BOSS scepter, and waving to prepare to use the displacement.

Hold your hand with your right hand and stand under your right hand or away from the front of the BOSS. After the shooting is finished, a circular area will remain on the ground.

After the player enters, there will be a DEBUFF that will hold the SP for 15 seconds. BOSS caress the staff, if the displacement is not a professional, you can directly hold the BOSS with the space bar, so that you will only be hurt by the third paragraph, and get a BUFF that reduces the amount of drug recovery. The displacement is convenient and can be directly displaced. The range of BOSS explosion

In addition, the BOSS pushes the palm forward, releasing the ghost and marking the farthest players. The ghost damage is high and the player needs to move until the ghost disappears.

BOSS blood volume is about 3500W, Knight hits 1, and all players move closer to Knight. Knight is silent for 1 second and is ready for invincibility. If the team does not have Knight, the inconvenient shifting career will go to the second platform in advance. After the BOSS has finished the big move, when the BOSS jumps to the falling position, you can use the space bar to hug the BOSS and follow the BOSS to move to the second platform.

second stage:
After BOSS jumps to the second platform, the map center will refresh the attribute small Monsters, which needs to be killed with the opposite attribute skills. If there is Knight in the team, you can help gather the blame and increase efficiency. The purple water in the middle will reduce the physical magic attack power by half. When Priest adds blood, it will jump first and the moment of landing will be treated. After playing the small Monsters, return to the platform and watch the BOSS laser. BOSS laser, remember the starting position, at a later point in the starting position, release back to the blue array, everyone can stand and output for a while. Unfamiliar stages can stand below the steps. Ordinary attacks are still the same as the first platform. Clapping, bursting. Small Monsters will be refreshed on the right side of the second platform below 3200W. Small Monsters will give BOSS blood back, Heavy Gunner can be easily cleared, or hold the BOSS, jump to high points in multiple spaces, and release the skills in reverse. Such as Thief's poison bottle, Knight's Shield Toss, Archer ordinary attack. Unfamiliar, you can move to the platform by climbing the wall.

Another point to note is that when the BOSS bursts, don't stand on the edge of the map. Dropping from the edge of the map will immediately cause some damage. In addition, BOSS will add a marker. The action of BOSS is to push forward. It will also produce a knockback effect. At this time, players farther away from BOSS will be marked and will be followed by a ghost. The marked player will be contacted by the ghost. Spike. Keep moving. When the BOSS blood volume is about 2800W, the second big move will be released. If the team is a single Knight, if the blood volume is moved to the third platform in advance, if the double ride, the second Knight will play 1, and everyone will move closer to Knight. After the big move, hold the BOSS and follow the BOSS to move to the third platform. Players assigned to the Small Monsters in the middle of the game should not hold BOSS to move.

The third phase:
The player who cleans up Small Monsters in the middle is in place, paying attention to hiding the yellow floor. To the third platform BOSS attack mode and P2 basically no change, the only thing to note is that the BOSS laser may be reversed, hiding the same platform as the second platform, remember the laser starting position, station a little later. When BOSS is exploding, choose your position and don't be pushed into the black water produced by BOSS. The high-small small Monsters will also be refreshed here. The long-range career can stand on the pillars to jump ordinary attacks, and the melee profession can climb the wall.

Until the BOSS blood volume reaches 2100W, BOSS will jump to the map center and attract people. If the team double Knight can follow the BOSS to the middle output, if the team output is too fast, Knight invincible CD is not good, ahead of the card post, avoid being sucked to the middle spike.

After the big move is released, the remote can stand on the steps of the first platform and adjust the face of the BOSS. The BOSS will immediately release the laser and stand at the position of the laser starting point later. After the laser is finished, BOSS will return to the first platform. Players who clean the middle small Monsters should not hold BOSS.

The fourth stage:
BOSS returns to the first platform, the normal attack cycle is the same as before, the change is that the mark at this time is the player close to the BOSS. After a set of cycles, the BOSS will jump to the edge of the platform to release the laser, where you can hold the BOSS to follow. After BOSS jumps, players should not stand at the center of the platform. The laser will quickly determine the direction of movement, and if you are biased towards you, jump off the steps. Otherwise continue to output. Repeat this stage until the blood volume of BOSS reaches about 1500W.

The fifth stage:
When the BOSS blood volume reaches 1500W, it will choose the second or third platform to jump. If BOSS is jumping to P3, it will not be small Monsters. If it jumps to P2, it will refresh small Monsters. At this stage, BOSS adds an action, inserts the scepter in the hand on the ground, and then forms a large purple area. Players standing in the purple area will get a debuff that continues to drop blood. The player responsible for cleaning up the high platform should be close to the high platform output. If the high level is not processed at this stage, the BOSS blood volume will be restored to 1500W or more by the Small Monsters and will return to the previous stage. When the blood volume of BOSS drops to about 500W, BOSS will jump back to the first platform and enter the final stage. Players of the Small Monsters in the center should not hold BOSS mobile.

The final stage:
BOSS returns to the first platform. At this time, the Purple Water Center will refresh the Small Monsters. Players can stand on the steps of the first platform near the center to clean up the Small Monsters, and pay attention to the yellow floor when cleaning the Small Monsters. The BOSS mark at this time is still a target for marking closeness. When BOSS's blood volume is reduced to around 350W, BOSS will jump to the map center to attract all players. If Knight is still alive in the team, wait for Knight to release invincible. If the team has not been able to trust before Knight or Knight, before 350W, return to the steps to dance. After the BOSS big move, you can try to pull the face of the BOSS, other players jump output. After the laser, BOSS will jump back to the first platform, the original will refresh the small Monsters, clean up the players of small Monsters, please do not hold BOSS. After cleaning up the small Monsters, don't go back to the platform for the first time, first observe the position and direction of the laser. The laser of the third platform will be 100% reversed, and the speed is very fast, but the avoidance method is the same as above, remember to start the position and then stand back.