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PoE 3.6 Synthesis Flashback Builds

The PoE Synthesis Flashback Event will run from May 10, 2019, 5:00 PM until Jun 03, 2019 6:00 PM, If you reach level 35 in the Flashback Event you will be instantly awarded a Glimmerwood Mystery Box. This is only possible once per account. Leveling multiple characters to level 35 will not grant additional mystery boxes. Here u4n Poe Currency Will share PoE 3.6 Synthesis Flashback Build for you.

[Saboteur] Flamethrower Traps Build

Firetrap itself is often a compelling skill which is capable of clearing maps and killing bosses. So with sufficient investment, you may do everything with only fire trap which frees the slot for flamethrower trap. This could be completed by using a mastercrafted staff or bow with +1 gems,+2support gems,non-chaos as additional chaos, crit multi,%chance to deal double harm although focussed. In case you are going with all the employees, use an eclipse employee. You can craft crit opportunity as suffix alternatively of multi or concentrate depends on your choice. A bow needs to be your most excellent selection mainly because it is possible also to use a quiver. This benefits in significantly less crit likelihood but much more crit multi, life and one more mod that you could get on Quivers like movement speed(shaper mod) or increased area of impact(elder mod). You'll be able also to use Kaom's Heart as a chest now because you only use a fire trap and it is actually within your weapon. This results in 7k+ life compared to 5.5-6k life. Check the image under for item choices.

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+You can do everything with budget gear and 5-links.
+Can one-shot elites&beyond bosses with fire trap in even %40+ life or +% resistance modded red maps. (Unless you are unlucky with crits.)
+Can kill tier 16 guardians and pushes shaper to the next phase in a couple of seconds.
+Can do every map modes, but some are dangerous
+Watching flamethrowers burn everything to ashes makes you feel like a pyromaniac :)

-Physical mitigation is low due to being a Dodge character.
-You can’t tank everything and need to learn your character’s limits.
-It takes some time to get used to the playstyle.
-Isn’t fast as an arc trapper for mapping.

kill all and take two skill points.

Soul of Brine King > If you can’t position yourself well enough and get hit a lot, this might save you because we aren't stunned immune.
Soul of Lunaris > This is the one used for everything.
Soul of Solaris > Mainly for bossing purposes and maps with a critical chance mod.
Soul of Gruthkul > Some Physical mitigation for mapping.
Soul of Yugul > Upgraded version can be used for the uber elder.
Soul of Shakari > If you are low on chaos resist and also want to be poison immune.


Normal lab: Perfect crime
Cruel lab: Chain reaction
Merciless lab: Born in the shadows
Uber lab: Pyromaniac


Weapon 1 - Dagger Imperial Skean

Weapon 2 - Rare shield Harmonic Spirit Shield

Helmet - Pig-Faced Bascinet

Body Armour -Belly of the Beast Full Wyrmscale

Gloves - Slink Gloves

Boots - Slink Boots

Amulet - Jade Amulet

Ring 1 - Essence Worm Unset Ring

Ring 2 - Two-Stone Ring (Cold/Lightning)

Belt - Stygian Vise


1. Life flask with staunching(to clear bleeding).Divine life flask is better for instant recovery, and instant recovery saves you from low life situations. Eternal life is better for overall healing.
2. Diamond flask with freeze or curse immunity. Put the other resistance to 5th flask slot.
3. Quicksilver flask with increased movement speed during effect mod for more speed.
4. The Wise Oak or Atziri’s Promise
5. Basalt Flask/Quartz Flask/Jade Flask (I used basalt because we need Physical mitigation. We already have lots of Dodge.)

Cobalt Jewel Crafted: true

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[Chieftain] Main Skill Wave of Conviction Totems Build

Cheiftan allows our Totems to Leech for us, and We get free "Leech effects are not removed at full life" from Soul Tether, which also expands our life pool. Energy Leech Support gives us 63% more damage since we'll always be leeching and almost always at full ES.

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+ Safe totem playstyle, drop the totem and dodge stuff.
+ Totems taunt, cause enemies to deal 8% less damage & have 20% less movement speed, constant healing from the leech.
+ Cheap! Quickly done under 1ex to fully gear with Uniques and decent rares. Can get by with no uniques!
+ Weapons are the only thing that would cost more than chaos.

- Totem playstyle is not for everyone
- If your totems & golems die often, your DPS suffers a lot.

Kill all bandits


1st: Ngamahu, Flame's Advance
2nd: Hinekora, Death's fury
3rd: Arohongui, Moon's Presense
4th: Tukohama, War's Herald

Major: Soul of Solaris - big defense here
Minor: Ryslathia or Shakari are our best bets and bot equally good here. I'll probably go for Ryslathia since I always run Bubbling or Seething Life Flask, and having more instant life on top of all the leech and regen should feel great.


Weapon 1 - Cerberus Limb Blood Sceptre
Helmet - Death Cowl Callous Mask
Body Armour - Doom Veil Conquest Chainmail
Gloves - Vengeance Nails Embroidered Gloves
Boots - Kaom's Roots Titan Greaves
Amulet - Ngamahu Tiki Coral Amulet
Ring 1 - Malachai's Artifice Unset Ring
Ring 2 - Cataclysm Band Two-Stone Ring
Belt - Soul Tether Cloth Belt

1. Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Staunching
2. Atziri's Promise Amethyst Flask
3. Chemist's Granite Flask of Iron Skin
4. Alchemist's Sulphur Flask
5. Cautious Divine Life Flask of Warding

1. Mantra of Flames Crimson Jewel
2. 3 x Izaro's Turmoil Crimson Jewel

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