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How To Complete Reclamation Day In Fallout 76


  When you finish creating a new character and ready to play the latest series of Fallout, Fallout 76 for the first time, which means that you have already come to this post-apocalyptic world officially. You'll come across the very first quest named "Reclamation Day"; introducing Vault 76 and why you’re about to leave. This quest is quite simple, although there are some things you can miss. However, while it is the very first quest, the Fallout 76 Reclamation Day quest is merely the first step along the game's main quest-line.

  How to complete the Fallout 76 Reclamation Day main quest in Fallout 76 

  You'll wake up in your own room in vault 76 after you've selected your character's appearance. Take a look around, and please make sure to collect the Nuka Tapper holotape from your terminal. Once you are ready, go to the door and take the Pip-Boy 2000 from its case. With your Pip-Boy in hand (or on your arm, in this case), you can walk out of your room and then step into the main hall of the vault. Head straight across the room and down the stairs.

  While you are progressing through Vault 76 you'll notice yourself guided by Mister Handy robots along a path of presentation boards and cut-outs. When you are ready to leave the vault, please be sure to take a look at each one for hints at the things you’ll be dealing with. In addition, many of these displays have items for you to collect. In fact, they are not required to complete the quest, but they are still very useful to have when you are first setting out into the wasteland. So for newbies, they are very worth collecting.

  In Fallout 76, there are 4 display tables in total with items for you to collect. Firstly, you can pick up Stimpaks and Radaway and then Purified Water and Rad-X. After that, collect a stock of building supplies. This contains 5 Wood Scraps, 5 Steel Scraps, 5 Raw Cloth, and 3 Excess Adhesive. Finally, you could collect a Party Hat, though this item has less practical application. After you pass the fourth display table where you can collect a Party Hat, turn off the main route and access the Overseer’s room. Here you can find a terminal with her reports and a holotape. Eject the tape and use your Pip-Boy to play it and learn about her mission.

  The fifth display table asks you to collect a C.A.M.P. Unlike the other items, this one is totally necessary. Because you will unable to build a base if you do not have it. The sixth display allows you to collect Perk Cards. There are also a Pencil and Black-Rimmed Glasses, if you feel so inclined as to take them too. With these items collected successfully, you can leave Vault 76 and complete the Reclamation Day quest smoothly and start an unforgettable game experience.