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Fortnite Guide: How To Find and Destroy 100 Elite Members of the Ice Legion

Soon after an icy orb was spotted in the sky lately, the Fortnite Ice Storm event has now arrived, covering the entire island in snow. This has also introduced the Ice Legion to Fortnite - waves of enemies that spawn from Ice Shards and will attack you on sight. In case you try to remember the previous Fortnitemares event then you will be familiar with the notion currently, but this time the Ice Shards can appear anyplace on the map and aren't just clustered in specific areas. 

By battling together with the Ice Legion, you can total the limited time Fortnite Ice Storm Challenges for lots of bonus XP, as well as unlocking a Blue Metallic wrap when you've finished six challenges and earning the imposing Winter's Thorn glider for beating them all. Two far more Ice Storm Challenges arrived as the Ice Storm event continues:

  • Destroy 100 Elite members of the Ice Legion
  • Deal 10,000 damage with Shotguns or SMGs to the Ice Legion

How to Complete Fortnite Ice Storm Day Five Challenges

The first is simple: deal damage with SMGs or Shotguns towards the ice legion. Carrying out this one is as uncomplicated as it gets, so have at it. The second isn't fairly as clear, though nonetheless pretty effortless to suss out: it asks you to kill "elite members" on the ice legion. Here's what these are, and ways to locate them.

At first, I thought these were just any ice zombies apart from the basic fiends, nevertheless, it turns out that it's not very the case. Elite members on the ice legion can take the type of any with the standard forms: ranged, brute and fiend. They are a whole lot rarer, on the other hand, and presumably a little tougher. It's hard to rather know for the reason that the entire factor is such a bloodbath regardless, but I am assuming they do a little much more damage and possess a couple of a lot more hit points.

You are going to know you are facing down an elite member of the ice legion because they have a distinctive glow to them. This should not be confused with the ranged ice fiends, which also possess a slight glow. This can be a little a lot more intense, as you could see beneath:

They seem to spawn with a lot more frequency because the well being of a given ice shard goes down. Luckily, the approach for killing these factors may be the identical as the approach for killing the rest of them: sit close to a shard and kill anything that comes out. I was able to snag about 30 in a strong session of farming, so it shouldn't take too long to finish this challenge. Golden Brutes also count, for what it's worth.

Fortunately, this along with other challenges needs to be a little less complicated today: Epic has doubled the spawn price of Ice Legion inside the initial storm circle at the same time as doubled the price of Golden Ice Brutes. No, it doesn't make these challenges especially enjoyable. Nevertheless, it will no less than make them go a little faster. 

6 rules to complete Ice Storm Challenges with the quickest and easiest way:

I've been seeing loads of complaints concerning the event plus the quantity of zombie's that Epic requires us to kill. So here's the best way to full this event the quickest and easiest way doable:

  1. Land as Far away from the BUS ROUTE as you could. Fly for any minute in case you have to zombies never spawn till than anyway. Land on the spot with some loot tho, these days it is possible to gear up pretty swiftly anywhere on the map. But aim for any spot with three or more chests, to boost your crossbow drop chance.
  2. Crossbow, it is so much faster and a lot QUIETER. Like seriously it a single shots the thin ones and two shots the fat ones.
  3. Look for two Zombie Spawners and stand in between. As soon as you start out hitting zombies, they may move towards you. Even though never waste a lot of time wanting to find them wholly aligned, I've only been fortunate twice, getting two close in range.
  4. Ignore any shield drops you do not want that crap, You will be right here to farm the zombies to complete the challenge and go back to a frequent PVP content material. And you will be at full shield each of the time anyway considering that you're killing them like crazy.
  5. Rift-to-GO > any other item/weapon. As soon as some sweat tries to ruin your 'FUN', fly away and let him cope with whatever zombies were chasing you at the time. And any time you fly away aim towards the edge on the next secure zone, away from the well-known POI's.
  6. You'll surely get an AR/Pistol/Explosive drop in the zombies so never even bother wasting your bag-space for that, but get some HEALS, for all those instances when a Soccer Skin will try to show his superiority and truly get a few hits on you. I advise Purple Slurps or Medkits.

Following those basic 6 guidelines I've completed the 5/6 challenges inside four games in less than 40 min's, averaging around 150-200 zombie kills per game. And about the Golden Ice Brutes, Wouldn't bother wanting to grind them you'll only get frustrated, go back to killing other players and for those who see a single, even within the storm, go for it just because from what I realize they are Very Rare.