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14 Days of Fortnite Day 8 Reward Will Delayed to Next Year

What surprised Fortnite fans was that just hours after the Day eight challenge went reside, Epic Games announced that the 'Take the Elf' emote had been delayed until 2019.

Initially, the Fortnite Take the Elf was supposed to be a reward as part of the 14 Days of Fortnite event. In particular, the newest day eight challenge rewards players using the new emote. Sadly, though, upon completion in the challenge, players are not getting the emote. There is an unfortunate bug which is resulting within this taking place.

Fortnite Take the Elf Delay Details

Thankfully, Epic Games is currently tough to operate addressing the problem, regardless of the holiday season. There might be a repair for this difficulty quickly, but players may have to wait in the meantime. However, affected players will not obtain the Fortnite Take the Elf to emote till "early next year." The current release date for the emote is set for early 2019.

Even though that might sound like a genuinely extended time to wait, fortunately, a subsequent year is just next week. Unfortunately, there's no telling how early it will likely be. Epic Games did not give a precise release date for the delayed emote. All we know is the fact that all players who full the challenge in between now then will acquire it as planned.

It's entirely feasible that many staff are nevertheless on vacation break and are not capable of working challenging to fix it until later on. As such, do not count on the Fortnite Take the Elf to emote until the subsequent week in the earliest. However, it could take longer than that. 

How to Complete the Fortnite Day 8 Challenge

Within the meantime, we advocate players comprehensive the day eight challenges. There have been some difficult tasks so far in 14 Days of Fortnite, such as flying planes through golden rings or collecting goose eggs from nests hidden around the waterside on the map.

And fortunately, the Day eight challenge is a lot much more comfortable, it might just be the most fundamental challenge so far within the 14 Days of Fortnite event. What you'll want to do is damage opponents with different weapons. 

It implies that you may likely full this challenge in only a single match, so long as you remember to cycle out different weapons. Also, weapon 'rarity' does not count as a completely separate weapon, only weapon forms (i.e., AR/SMG/Sniper, etc.)

You may desire to land somewhere quiet if you're hoping to complete the challenge in one match - loot up, and keep in mind to switch your weapons in gunfights. 

For anyone who is busy with the vacation period and cannot finish all of the challenges in time, don't panic, as they will nonetheless be available immediately after the 14 Days of Fortnite event is over, for a limited time.