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Does Partying is good or single brush? Poe Partying System Introduction

Poe is a kind of stand-alone game. There is no wild map. If you played Diablo 3, it is very easy to understand, but this game has more public areas than Diablo 3, which is the town of each chapter. These places are automatically matched by the system. So, there is a problem at this time, how do you play with the small partners? The following small series will detail how Poe teamed up.

How do Poe Parties?
After entering the game, click the option, then socialize, then click to build the team, then enter the team name, there is a name for entering the teammate below, you just need to enter your friend's name and he can agree.

Parties allow up to six people to play together. Path of exile Partying, the monster will increase difficulty due to Partying, but the number of team members will not increase the experience value of the monster, and the experience sharing of teammates hunting monsters is limited to nearby teammates ( The distance between the two screens), this design is mainly to encourage Partying players to hunt together, instead of playing each after the group is full. Below we have some statistics to prove whether it is Partying or not?

Partying system

Monster blood volume
General difficulty: Each additional player will increase the monster's blood volume by 20%.
Cruel difficulty: 40% increase in monster blood for each additional player
Ruthless difficulty: Each additional player will increase the blood volume of the monster by 60%.
Partying's increased monster blood volume will not affect the success rate or time of stun, power, and freezing.
Because the system related to stunning and elemental state is determined by the basic blood volume of the monster, it will not increase the difficulty or threshold due to the increased blood volume of Partying.

Effect on loot
The drop quality of the items in Partying is mainly calculated by the drop quality figures of the objects in the "killing monsters".
Item: 10% increase in item drop and 40% item drop quality for each additional team member
Poe Currency: 50% increase in item drop and 0% item drop quality for each additional team member
The above rules do not apply to "map props"

Drop rate of map props
In all the rules of falling, "map props" are the only exceptions.
Displayed in the official narrative
The number of drops on the player's equipment will not affect the number of drops on the "map props".
The number of team members does not affect the number of drops in the "map props"
Only the number of drops on the placard and the pin on the "map prop" can affect the number of drops on the map props in the map.

The experience gained during Partying will be divided equally among the team members. In addition, the difference calculation or experience punishment will be made due to the difference between the teammate level and the monster level. When the team members have grade differences, the following formula will be used to calculate the sharing ratio:
Scale value = (role level + 10)^ 2.71
Suppose a level 10 player and a level 30 player are partying:
The scale value obtained by the level 10 player is (10+10)^2.71 = 3355
The scale value obtained by the level 30 player is (30+10)^2.71 = 21957
The proportion of experience gained by level 10 players: 3355/(3355+21957) = 13.2%
Proportion of experience for level 30 players: 21957/(3355+21957) = 86.7%
In addition, the player will be punished for the difference in level with the monster. The relevant penalty threshold is:
Experience ratio = ((role level +5)^1.5) / ((role level +5+ (efficiency difference parameter ^2.5))^1.5)
Simply put, if a character does not want to be punished by experience, the difference between the basic and monster levels is 3, and each additional 16-level character level can relax the first-level difference, so the level 24 player has a 3+1 difference with the monster. There will be no penalty (too high or too low), the difference in the efficiency of the odds between 20 and 28 is 0, and the difference in efficiency when playing a monster with more than 28 or less than 20 is 1