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Path of Exile Skill Gems Guides for Diablo 3 Players

If you have been playing Diablo3 and Diablo2 (or other ARPGs) for a long time, let this refinement guide get you started quickly! Skills in the Path of Exile are expressed in Gems, and these Gems need to be embedded in the equipment. Path of Exile's Skill Gems come in two types: Active Skill Gems and Auxiliary Skill Gems. Active Skill Gems represents the skills you want to use actively (such as fireball, etc.). Auxiliary Skill Gems can be embedded in the Gems hole connected to the active Skill Gems to provide additional fixes to the active Skill Gems (such as increasing the damage or size of your Fireball). Active Skill Gems and Auxiliary Skill Gems can be easily distinguished in your inventory. A Skill Gems must be embedded in a piece of equipment that is in use.

Path of Exile's skills have no professional restrictions. Any skill can use any skill.
Both active Skill Gems and Auxiliary Skill Gems can gain experience (10 percent from your combat experience). Both Gems have a level, and the effect of Gems can be increased with the promotion. The highest level of any active Skill Gems is usually 20, but this level limit can also be broken by some special items, such as Vale and the auxiliary Gems. Skill Gems must be embedded in the equipment to gain experience in combat.

Upgrading Gems is not necessary for three reasons:
1. If you can't support Gems' new magical consumption or magic retention.
2. If you want to give Gems to another low-level player.
3. If your ability needs do not meet Gems requirements but do not want to improve the capabilities required.

Most of the early ways to get active Skill Gems are task rewards, but you can also get them by killing monsters, treasure chests, destructible environmental objects such as buckets, boxes, jars, or you can buy and sell some Skill Gems!
Both active Gems and Auxiliary Skill Gems have three color categories: Red Skill Gems, most require power to use; Green Skill Gems, most require agile use; Blue Skill Gems, most require intelligence to use. As the Gems level increases, the property requirements of Gems will also increase.
Each Gem has its own keyword. These keywords will be displayed at the top of the Gems description. You can use these keywords to determine whether the assisted Skill Gems can affect active Skill Gems, as long as it matches. For example, Fireball Gems has the keywords "flame", "projector", "spell" and "scope". The flame penetration aid Gems also has the keyword "flame". This means that flame penetration assisted Gems can affect active skill fireball because they have the same keywords. Auxiliary Skill Gems does not directly affect other auxiliary Skill Gems.
Physical attack skills take weapon damage into account, but spells, traps, and spells that release spells and mines do not. (Like Diablo 2)
There are a lot of Skill Gems in the game, and the official will also periodically join the new Skill Gems.

Put the hitting life recovery aid Gems in the Gems hole that connects to the Lacerate, so that you will get a life to reprise every time you hit an enemy.
Putting the corpse blast and the spell totem aid together, you will get a totem that releases the corpse blast.
Ice spears and high-order multi-projectile aids, as well as elemental diffusion aids, can be used to issue multiple ice spears, frozen enemies and enemies around them.
The maximum number of Gems hole connections is 6, but such equipment is difficult to obtain. Most of the auxiliary Skill Gems will increase the magical consumption of the active Skill Gems they are connected to.

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