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How To Play Path of Exile at Mac Computers OSX System

Many friends are MAC computers, POE official does not directly support this system, to use Mac to play POE is very simple, there are two ways
Method 1: Install Bootcamp and install Microsoft system directly on the Mac, so you can download it directly from the official website.
Method 2: Go to the "unofficial version" of the following website. Because POE does not support Mac computers, foreign gods have to make their own programs to make Mac computers run.

Best performing:
Bootcamp - you will end up in a dual boot between OSX and Windows. This gives a native and full performance, but you need to reboot each time to change OS.

Virtualization - This does not give you full performance, and comes with an additional cost as none of the major providers does not give the app for free.
The best-performing ones are Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion. These have full DX9 implementation and nowadays possibly even DX11, there is minor performance loss (~10-20%) compared to Bootcamp.
You can also try Oracle VirtualBox which is for free and should have good DX9 support, but it would definitely be the slowest solution.

Unofficial Path of Exile for Mac
Download, double click, unpack (for example move the icon to application folder), double click, play.

Installation instructions
1. The game will print error first time its launched (WIPfactory blah blah) just keep pressing ok until it crashes, then the game will ask you if it should run in DirectX 9 mode. click yes, enjoy.
2. Once loaded disable multithreading in graphical options in the menu
3. At the current state, the port is suitable only for crafting and trading, the normal gameplay will be laggy as hell

Download Link:

System requirements
Intel HD: OSX 10.7.5+
AMD: OSX 10.8.4+ (older use wrapper 4.0.3)
Nvidia: OSX 10.6.8+
GPU: any with 256MB ram (except Intel GMA and ATI Radeon X1600) should be enough

Q1: My Alt ignores me!
A1: Please use your Command button~

Q2: I have encountered "Failed resetting Direct3D device objects". What should I do?
A2: Please use spotlight to press "cmd+space" to search for a file called ''production_config.ini''. If you can't open it, please use ''text editing'', you can open it. Please put it in it. Fullscreen=false changed to fullscreen=true. Also set resolution_height=900 and resolution_width=1440, you can play normally~

Q3: How do I tag my gear or props on the chat channel?
A3: Please use command+ctrl+left click once

Q4: I have been stuck in Checking Resources. How can I solve it?
A4: This problem is very common for people who have encountered windows or mac boards. Some people even waited for 8 hours!
There are currently two workarounds:
First, make sure you have enough space, can't give it just the right capacity, at least a little more, then let it run
Second, turn it off and reopen it, maybe luck will be better: P

Q5: How to move the game file from an old wrapper
1) Right click on old wrapper->Show contents->navigate to drive_c/Program Files/Grinding Gear Games/Path of Exile
2) copy/move the content.ggpk file to the other wrapper to the same location as above.

Q6: How to disable gatekeeper - Mountain Lion and later
Temporary workaround: Right-click the wrapper -> Open
Permanent workaround: Open system preferences -> Search for gatekeeper-> allow all sources

Q7: Game won't start at all (no launcher appeared)
Reboot the OS X (the /tmp will get cleaned along with the lock file)
Or if you are an advanced user
Delete the lock file from /tmp (the lock file will be named like "" (but make sure there are not any hanged wine processes)


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