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Path Of Exile: Cast when Damage Taken

With 'Path of Exile: Cast When Damage Taken', you have the ability to trigger support spells as you reach a certain threshold of damage. You need to reach level 38 in the game to be able to use this feature. It will step up your gameplay, as you incorporate additional skills & high-end spells.


Each of these support spells including Molten Shell, Summon (Flame/Stone) and Golem amongst others has the ability to track your damage taken. They activate when the required damage level is reached. With Golem, for example, bonuses apply to the player only and it activates once your damage hits this bracket (28-3272). However, with this feature, you cannot trigger support skills used by mines, traps or totems including channeling skills, power preservation skills and Vaal abilities.
Just like other trigger gems, Cast When Damage Taken can only be used to cast 'spells' and activate multiple spells for a single trigger gem. Other special skills you can activate with Cast When Damage Taken include Ball Lightning, Ice Nova, Righteous Fire, and Arctic Breath. With a cooldown time of 0.25 sec and damage inflicting ability that is (-70-6)% more with support skills, this is quite a handy feature for Path of Exile players. It supports all skill gems required at levels 38-70 or below. Use the casted spells to take down your enemies and gain an edge in this highly engaging title.

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