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Path of Exile Watcher's Eye Guides With Builds

PoE Watcher's Eye is a Prismatic Jewel, Which has the similar base stats as a standard item in the same variety but has distinct names, exclusive artwork and setlists of modifiers as an alternative to affixes. Even though the three preceding rarities are strictly far better than the one particular just before (e.g., different items are always much more potent than magic items), that is not the case with unique items. They usually offer different and specific modifiers (from time to time thematically grouped) that can not be located on other Items. As a result, they are regarded to be far more build-defining, granting effects that may be constructed about, but commonly allow significantly less pure stats than rare items.

NO.1 The way to get Watcher's Eye
1. Can only drop in the Elder in Tier 6 maps or higher when the Shaper lives. For Uber Elder, it doesn't matter when the Shaper lives. It can't be changed.
This item may be acquired inside the following areas:
The absence of Value and Meaning
The Shaper's Realm

2. Exchange Items from other players

NO.2 Random modifiers
Watcher's Eyes dropped during the Elder encounter will always have two aura modifiers while jewels fallen during the Uber Elder encounter will typically have three aura modifiers. Working with a Divine Orb won't transform the random aura modifiers to new ones. You will find 2,485 (71 Select 2) combinations of possible modifiers it can roll for the two-aura variant and 57,155 (71 Pick out 3) combinations for the three-aura variant.

Builds With Watcher's Eye

NO.3 [Champion Build] Frosty Duelist - Dual Wielding Frost Blades

PoB Hyperlink Swords -
PoB Link Claws -
PoB Hyperlink Varunastra -

Frost Blades has an initial melee hit with homing projectiles flying out from behind the hit enemy into other nearby enemies. The concept with the build would be to scale the Melee hit like a great deal as you possibly can and about leave the projectiles to become whatever as they may be sturdy sufficient to kill minions and trash. This provides us an excellent melee hit for bosses with Projectiles taking out the minions.

Tombfist got nerfed but nevertheless very best in Slot (about 3% less harm)
Supplying with the serpent gloves - Gives a considerable drop in dps but Overleech can also be pretty highly effective, absolutely one thing to consider
Hatred - Really rough calculations appear like a buff about 11% much more harm
Loreweave has max resists of 78%, so we take 10% much more elemental damage :(
Circle of Guilt - Synthesised Iron Ring with dual mods
Herald of Purity has increased Buff Impact
elevated Physical Harm while affected by Herald of Purity
is op and will beat the mark of the elder
Implicit/Enchants - There's a pair of boots shown with 'onslaught' as an enchantment or implicit, based on how popular it can be, what else it impacts and so forth it might be worth doing and use a stygian vise rather than perseverance (have to wait and see)
Varunastra - Perandus isn't a Zana mod so is likely to become pricey and in all probability not a good league starter

Conqueror then Worthy Foe > these two are OP, notably can't evade which means we don't need to worry about accuracy

Soul of Arakaali - Due to Chris for his observations that following capturing "herald of thunder" (not the skill gem) when someone hit us, and immortal call procs blood rage will quit for 0.4 seconds, so we advantage from the "50% improved Recovery of Life and Energy Shield".
Soul of Solaris is excellent for maps with increased vital strikes, and we often leave it sitting on this.
Generally, we use 'soul of tukohama' for the regen or 'soul of gruthkul' so that something that hits me has significantly less attack speed.

Alira - crit multiplier provides us a lot more harm than any other option. Resists are generally lovely to possess, especially at an early stage and permit more life/damage on other gear.

NO.4 [Juggernaut Build] Harmonics HoWA Moltenstrike CI Jugg - Uber Elder Farmer

PoB level 100:
League start PoB:
PoB Everything included:

This Build Incredibly highly-priced stuff and 6-link, Dying Sun, Helmet Enchant, Watcher's eye + Try to craft Helmet and Shield. Since beastiary GGG has been putting much more and other chaos harm back into the game CI is in a secure spot. In Synthesis, you face loads of chaos harm in incursion temple, syndicate Tora, Mastermind Catarina, and Chayula breach. In synthesis incredible synthesized mods are available including permanent onslaught on boots, aura reduction on shields and who knows what they will bring. I will add a synthesis gearing section later. Furthermore, the introduction of delve fossils has made it significantly easier crafting useful power shield gear.

Kill all for two points two points

Soul of Arakaali with 50% elevated recovery for energy shield.
Blood rage combined with CWDT+IC makes the recovery rate proc often.
Ralakesh: Can't be blinded and elevated chance to avoid bleeding + significantly less DoT with bleeds.

NO.5 [Pathfinder Build] Employing 8+ Discharge per sec again Build

Life MOM version -
CI Vinktar version POB -
CI molten strike legacy gear

Since this can be an Indigo build we get spell harm by stacking mana, so we want to focus on mana with gear. To quickly explain, each time you spend 200 mana, the mana cost goes up by 50-60%, but you also get 20-25% enhanced spell damage, so the more mana you have, the far more stacks of spell damage you can get from Indigo.
That is the critical item that delivers all the sources of "% Elevated Damage." Since this is not a poet's pen build, we often need to be able to attack so we want to keep the mana cost of cyclone between 25-30 mana cost. You can opt for to go larger the far more mana you have, but unless you have 4K+ unreserved, We wouldn't recommend going beyond 30 mana cost. To have the indigo stacks going we need to do quick cyclone and quickly modify direction to have, and also this spends mana a lot faster than cycling slowly on top of the target. Avoid carrying out long, straight lines of the cyclone, as cyclone consumes mana per click, not per distance travel. Short quick Cyclones are the key!
Do you have the boots enchant recommended, make sure you also have a warlord mark ring for the mana leech if you nonetheless want far more mana regen you can use a clarity mana recovery watcher's eye? watcher's eye we can use the clarity MOM, % chance to recover 10% of your mana pool or % elevated mana recovery

+ tanky
+ decent clearspeed
+ not too pricey
+ Using 8+ Discharge per sec again

-CI version is quite expensive
-requires time to obtain used to the play style
-If you run out of flask your a dead