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Poe Crafting Guides | From Primary to Masters Equipment Crafting method

In order to understand more complex Crafting skills, point out better costumes. cheap and easy to point out the +3 gem grade Equipment. Poe Build designer see this guide, please also design some Builds around these cheap +3 Equipment. How much Poe currency do you need to do Equipment yourself? This depends on luck. Generally, it takes about 10 Chaos Orbs to make an Equipment. But to use the advanced Crafting method, you need to spend Exalted Orb.

NO.1 Basic Crafting knowledge

1. Number of Affixes
- Most items have a fixed Affixes (not counting Affixes)
- Normal Equipment No Affixes
- Magic Equipment can have 1 prefixes, 1 prefixes
- Rare Equipment can have 3 prefixes, 3 prefixes
- DarkscornEquipment game definition

2. Affixes restrictions
- Not all Affixes can appear on all Equipment. For example, the speed of Affixes will only appear on the shoes.

3. Affixes level limit
- Some Affixes may appear depending on the rating of the Equipment.

4. Quality first, then Affixes
- Normal Equipment: Point to 20% quality requires 4 x Blacksmith's Whetstone/Armourer`s Scrap
- Magic Equipment: Point to 20% quality requires 10 x Blacksmith's Whetstone/Armourer`s Scrap
- Rare Equipment: 20 to 20% quality requires 20 x Blacksmith's Whetstone/Armourer`s Scrap

5. Socket Colours/Quantity
- One-handed weapon/one-handed shield Maximum Socket: 3
- Quiver maximum Socket: 0
- Two-handed weapon/bow maximum Socket: 6
- Headwear, hand guards, shoes max Socket: 4
- Armor Max Socket: 6

These caps are also allowed to be determined by the level of Equipment:
Socket 1 -> Min Equipment 1
Socket 2 -> Min Equipment 1
Socket 3 -> Min Equipment 15
Socket 4 -> Min Equipment 28
Socket 5 -> Min Equipment 35
Socket 6 -> Min Equipment 50

Socket's Colour points: red, blue, green, white:
Red, associated with strength
Blue, associated with intelligence
Green, associated with dexterity

If an Equipment is only worn, then most of the SocketColour will be red. Equipment with mixed attributes makes it easier to point out many Colour Sockets.

When do you want to do your own equipment?
1. I really can't buy the Equipment you need.
2. You need a more powerful Equipment, otherwise you can't pass the next BOSS.
3. You are on the ladder list, you need to get the advantage of Equipment
4. You found a Use Mirror of Kalandra Equipment
5. You think you are lucky today.

Know your bottom line
1. Rational - don't consume the Currency
2. Spend 5 Chaos Orb to be a better 30-level Equipment, or 1 Chaos orb to buy a better 40-level Equipment.

NO.2 Primary Crafting Guide
Suitable for: novice
Currency: Orb of Alchemy, Orb of Transmutation, Orb of Augmentation
Advantages: cheap, easy, high return
Disadvantages: unable to control the results, relying on luck
These are very basic Crafting methods that point Normal Equipment into Magic Equipment and Rare Equipment. The value of consumer currency is not high, but players can't control the results of Crafting very well:
- Use Orb of Alchemy Point Normal Equipment: MagicEquipment
- Use Orb of Alchemy to point Normal Equipment: RareEquipment
- Use Orb of Augmentation Point Normal Equipment, randomly upgraded to: Magic Equipment or Rare Equipment or Darkscorn Equipment for this Equipment (Rare, Darkscorn results very Rare)

NO.3 Intermediate Crafting Guide
Suitable for: general Crafting players
Currency: Chaos Orb, Orb of Alchemy, Orb of Scouring
Advantages: Easy
Disadvantages: unable to control the results, relying on luck
After the NormalEquipment finishes the Orb of Alchemy, use the Chaos Orb to wash the Equipment Affixes. (The same effect can be achieved with Orb of Scouring + Orb of Alchemy) - this method consumes a lot of currency and does not control the specific Affixes of Equipment.

NO.4 Advanced Crafting Guide
Suitable for: Advanced Crafting players
Currency: Chaos Orb, Orb of Alchemy, Orb of Scouring
Advantages: Crafting's top-level Equipment, improving the control of Crafting results
Disadvantages: complex, Currency consumption is high, high ROLL depends on luck, there may be 1~2 useless Affixes
1) Find a high level Normal Equipment
2) Click on Orb of Transmutation
3) Orb of Alteration points to two required Affixes
4) Click on Regal Orb. If it is not ideal Affixes, Orb of Scouring will click, starting from 1)
5) Use three Exalted Orb points to see the situation and wash the Affixes.
6) Point to ideal with Divine Orb/Blessed Orb depending on the situation
7) You can choose Vaal Orb Roll
This method is very costly, suitable for late players to do Mirror of Kalandra Equipment

NO.5 Masters Crafting Guide
Suitable for: Advanced Crafting players
Currency: Exalted Orb, Orb of Alteration
Advantages: Full control of Crafting results to make up for the small defects of Equipment
Disadvantages: Complex, need Level 8 Masters, need to be familiar with prefixes and suffixes
This is a very cheap and easy to do top Rare Equipment's Crafting method, which is much cheaper than Chaos Orb/Exalted Orb Wash Equipment, and can better control the results. This Crafting technique uses the Crafting relationship between Masters Crafting and Orb of Scouring. Although the Orb of Scouring says "Remove all attributes on an item and change back to Normal", the Masters Crafting attribute will not be deleted.

You must have encountered this situation:
1) You pointed out a very good 6L Equipment (high-level Crafting guide point), but unfortunately an Affixes at the last Exalted Orb point is "+33 maximum magic". Good Use Mirror of Kalandra Equipment was ruined by this Affixes.
2) Pick up a wild ring: +33% lightning resistance, +15% flame, frost, lightning resistance, +26% resistance, but the fourth Affixes is a pity: +33 maximum magic.

These Equipment's flaws can be easily compensated. We can use:
Corresponding Masters Affixes, then use Orb of Scouring to wash unused Affixes while preserving good Affixes.
This method can also be used to make a Rar Equipment foundation on a Magic Equipment. If the player needs some Affixes but needs another Affixes to be empty, you can use this method:
1) Masters last Affixes (if we want Affixes to be prefixes, Masters points a prefixes).
2) Regal Orb clicks, if there is no attribute we need, Orb of Scouring will come back.
3) After getting our attributes, take Masters Affixes off.