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Poe Unique Weapons Varunastra, Vaal Blade Guides

PoE Varunastra is another good option. The original idea for the build was using these. However, they require their tree (in the tree section below). Damage is good and ends up similar to Scaeva/claws etc., scaling beyond that becomes a bit more problematic. The biggest problem is with their availability in that they drop from 'the formless sea' card or from Cairo. If Cairo isn't a Zana mod for the league, it can be weeks before they are readily available. So not a league starter. Varunastra is really where Scion shines, and the split tree works fantastic for her giving her a lot more damage. If you play Varunastra then seriously consider running as a Scion.

Impacts the game mechanics:
Melee skills with weapon restrictions that consist of any one-handed melee weapon type might be used with Varunastra. Ground Slam, as an example, could be employed with Varunastra because it counts as a mace. Varanustra enables for otherwise not possible skill combinations on a one-handed setup, like Earthquake with Whirling Blades.
Bonuses with weapon restrictions that incorporate any one-handed melee weapon type benefit Varunastra. This is especially relevant for passive skills that grant various bonuses, each restricted by unique weapon types. With that in thoughts probably the most effective wheels on the tree for Varunastra are Deadly Dilettante and By The Blade. Additionally, it opens up the possibility to combine desirable nodes for every single weapon variety, for example, Soul Raker and Adder's Touch inside the Shadow location or the various sword, Axe and mace wheels in the Marauder location.

How to Get Varunastra
1. It is currently only obtainable by trading, through Zana's map device, or the Temple of Atzoatl
2. 7x The Formless Sea divination card Exchange for 1x Varunastra

3. Use 15 ~ 20 Chaos Orbs Exchange from Poe Trade website

Upgrade Vendor Recipes:
4x The Gentleman > random corrupted unique sword
10x Time-Lost Relic > random unique league-specific item
4x Atziri's Arsenal > random corrupted unique weapon
4x Jack in the Box > random unique item
8x Arrogance of the Vaal > random corrupted unique item

+460 to Accuracy Rating
(40-60)% increased Physical Damage
Adds (30-45) to (80-100) Physical Damage
+(2-3) Mana gained for each Enemy hit by Attacks
Counts as all One-Handed Melee Weapon Types