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PoE Unique Weapons The Grey Spire Guides

The Grey Spire is a new unique item in the league that offers some exciting bonuses at a reasonable opportunity cost. It's precisely what an individual item should be. Why is this item so perfect for good fire? First, Righteous Fire is somewhat difficult to scale because it does not benefit from spell damage. This means that on a Righteous Fire build, along with stacking as much life as possible to boost the base damage of skill, you are looking for increases to fire damage, Elemental Damage, area damage, and global Damage.

As you can see, the Grey Spire offers a massive global damage roll of up to 300%, making it an excellent source of additional Damage for Righteous Fire. Second, you want to get as much maximum fire resistance as possible on a Righteous Fire to build because the higher your fire resistance, the less of your life regeneration will be eaten to counteract the self-damage applied by Righteous Fire. The Grey Spire provides up to 4% to all maximum resistances, which is only 1% less fire resistance than Rising of the Phoenix, and equal to the strength provided by the other famous Righteous Fire shield, Saffel's Frame. Finally, The Grey Spire provides a massive attack speed roll of up to 30%, which means you can leap slam very quickly with the weapon for mobility. In total, The Grey Spire is roughly equivalent to two Doryani's Catalysts and a Saffel's Frame combined into a single item with great movement provided by a massive attack speed roll. The downside is that The Grey Spire cannot have any sockets, meaning you have a total of six fewer Sockets to work with compared to most characters.

Use With Blade-Vortex with Righteous fire
First, Blade Vortex synergizes exceptionally well with the bonuses provided by the Chieftain Ascendancy and provides excellent single target damage. Second, The Grey Spire provides no cast speed, meaning you would struggle to reach decent levels of Damage when utilizing a spell whose Damage per second is dependent on cast speed. The Damage per second of Blade-Vortex is not reliant on cast speed. As long as you have sufficient cast speed and skill duration to reach the maximum ten stacks of Blade-Vortex, you will contact the maximum Damage per second of the skill, regardless of any additional cast speed. These factors combined with the fact that Blade Vortex covers roughly the same area of effect as Righteous Fire make the skill an excellent fit for this build.

Upgrade Vendor Recipes:
6x The Tower = random unique staff
4x Atziri's Arsenal = random corrupted unique weapon
4x Jack in the Box = random individual item
5x Alone in the Darkness = random unique Delve item

+18% Chance to Block Attack Damage while wielding a Staff
Has no Sockets
(250-300)% increased Global Damage
(20-30)% increased Attack Speed
+(1-4)% to all maximum Resistances