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Path of Exile Unique Maps Guides for Chateau Map The Perandus Manor

The Poe Perandus Manor includes three hidden boss rooms scattered concerning the map. Secret switches, of which the tags are hidden unless one's mouse hovers straight more than it, must be pressed to be able to enter one particular of those rooms. Inside these boss rooms, there will likely be a lot more than one Perandus chest, related towards the ones found within the Perandus league (with the exception of them becoming known as Cadiro's instead of just Perandus'). Guarding these chests are packs of Perandus monsters and one of the above-listed bosses, of whom should be defeated so as to open the chest. The map is regarded completed by the Atlas' requirements as soon as all the bosses are defeated, even though their respective chests stay unopened.

The Perandus Manor
Map Tier: 10
Map Level: 77
Requires Level 71
(30–40)% more Monster Life
(200–300)% more Rare Monsters
(200–300)% increased Rarity of Items found in this Area
(60–100)% increased Quantity of Items found in this Area
(100–150)% increased Experience gain
(16–24)% increased Monster Damage

What Price for The Perandus manor
The reason why it's 5 exalted is that it's an untainted paradise with drops!
It's basic supply and demand. The map is VERY rare with a Perandus mod. It's not that the map is good per se, Don't remember it dropping anything worthwhile and I lagged most of the time. But scarcity increases prices.
You have to pay 4c for a chance at it per map run.
Also, you're playing standard :3 it's 4-5 ex in Breach at the moment.
It's basically there for the "feel" of 126 completion. The 1% extra drop rate in the atlas isn't noticeable really noticeable.
Either buy one yourself and split the costs or start a toon in breach and farm the 4-5 ex for the map, it will transfer over when league ends.

Where to Get the perandus manor
Getting it on cadiro is the only way to get it, since perandus league is not in the core game, it means only way to get it is to use the perandus Zana mod (Enabled the Perandus Manor map. This map can be sold by Cadiro in Tier 5 and above maps for 2500 coins. We hope you enjoy exploring its secrets) on a map, and on top of that the chance of getting that in a cadiro is super rare. So all those factors combine to make that item very rare.

The Perandus Manor Divination Card - The Mayor
The Mayor is a divination card. A set of five can be exchanged for The Perandus Manor and Can also drop from Armourer's Strongboxes.
This item is used by upgrade paths or vendor recipes to create the following items:
5 x The Mayor = The Perandus Manor

How to Use the perandus manor
Perandus manor also has a guaranteed map chest (t11 maps and below) and divination card chest which can make the map quite profitable. From experience running the map 50 Path of exile times this league, zerphi seems to be around 10% chance, so at 1 Exalted orb per map, you will be making a profit on average. But with only 1 map, it would be quite a gamble, so we would suggest selling it if you need that exalt to afford other things.