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Fallout 76 Guide: Ways To Get More Clothes And Outfits

  For a lot of players, customizing your character's appearance has always been an integral part of any Fallout series game. Fallout 76, also included. Because there are a lot of different clothing, outfit, and armor options to choose from spread throughout the whole West Virginia wasteland. In order to help you to know about how to get more clothes and outfits, what these things can do, and much more information in Fallout 76, we created this post, follow us to get more information:


  The wardrobe system in the game of Fallout 76 provides three different layers and nine slots for gamers to add to between the base layer, armor, and outfit sections. Customization options and equipping conditions vary relying on the layer.

  As you know, base layers in Fallout 76 are the basic items that make up an outfit. This layer could be mixed an matched between headwear, hat, and clothing, eyewear, and items that even can go over your character’s mouth. Which is very impressive.

  On top of the base layer, there have armor pieces. Usually adding to specific resistance statistics. Five sections make of this layer (from top to bottom): chest, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg. These can all be mixed with other pieces, too, even though it makes you look like you dressed yourself in the dark.

  Just like in past games, Fallout 76 outfits and armor will deteriorate over time. When the condition gets to zero, the piece breaks and offers no resistance. These can be fixed at armor workbenches though using scrap.

  In Fallout 76 Getting More Clothing and Armor

  In the game, the first bit of clothing you will receive is a base layer Vault 76 jumpsuit and a party hat. Even though they might look fashion, you will still want to own more clothes as soon as possible for better stats. And what's worse, everyone else has the same jumpsuit.

  Like always, the easiest method to find what you need in the wastelands is through exploration. Please make sure to search through suitcases, lockers, and containers, meanwhile, looting fallen enemies, because you will find assorted of different attires by doing so.

  Crafting clothing and armor is also an option. You can finish this just by visiting an Armor Bench.

  You can either create Armor Benches at your C.A.M.P or in discoverable locations throughout the whole West Virginia. Using crafting recipes, you will be able to accordingly design and create clothing and armor.

  Crafting recipe also can be found throughout the Wastelands and there are necessary for anything more than just leather armor.

  In the game of Fallout 76 Which Clothes And Outfits To Look For

  With all of these different choices, it would be difficult to pick what you want to wear. But we do have some recommendations for you though.

  Just like we stated above, the first base layer clothing you will receive is the Vault 76 jumpsuit in the game of Fallout 76, just like everyone else. Therefore, if you want to stand out, you'd better get a better outfit to go over it.

  Fortunately, there are a couple of different outfits to choose from, but what we strongly suggest the Brotherhood fatigues. Even though these fabulous threads also existed in Fallout 4, they are just as appealing in the Fallout 76 game, which happens during the Brotherhood of Steel’s establishing. By completing the quest named “Defiance Has Fallen” can unlock them.

  But when it comes to Armor in Fallout 76, raider pieces are about to be the items you encounter most often. And you should know there is a reason for that because out of all armor types they offer the least energy and ballistic resistance, which means you will not want to use them for a long time.

  Once you have got a handle on things metal armor is going to be your best bet, cause it will offer about 20 damage resistance and some energy resistance as well. But the condition is you will have to be level 10 to equip this.

  Finally, you will want to find some Power Armor, Fallout 76 power armor can be worn with any combination of clothing, depending on the pieces you have and it will add an additional layer of armor and significant resistance

  The problem is, like many other pieces, Power Armor has level requirements and conditions. Apart from that, Power Armor also nullifies all bonuses (including Fallout 76 caps.) offered by the lower layers in Fallout 76.

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