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PoE 3.6 Cold Spells Witch Occultist Builds

Path of Exile Cold damage is amongst the five damage types, and it is one of the three classes which count as elemental damage. It's mitigated by cold resistance and reduction to cold damage taken. Skills which deal or have an impact on cold damage possess the Cold Key phrase. Some effects convert other types of destruction into the cold. Occultists are suited for Witches by using a concentrate on damage with time (DoT) with Cold damage or chaos damage and curses. Malediction enormously enhances curse professionals, while Withering Presence and Frigid wake amplify the power of their cold and chaos damage as time passes. Occultists are well-served by builds that count on & maximize energy shield. Occultists also may serve as a generic way to generate Energy Charges in builds which lack other means of doing so. Here we will share PoE 3.6 Cold Spells Witch Occultist Builds for you.

NO.1 [Poe 3.6 Builds] Good "Jack of all trades" Endgame-Optimized Low Life Freezing Pulse Occultist


This build includes a beautiful blend of the two single targets and AoE damage, survivability, movement, and magic find. Survivability is linked purely to your ability to freeze factors, regenerate ES, and Prevent Damage. There is nearly no mitigation. Righteous Fire Juggernaut, this is not. Surviving endgame bosses (T16 Guardians and other folks that can't be frozen) involves knowing the mechanics, keeping away from the damage, and killing the boss immediately. From time to time this means you have got to skip map bosses as the mods make it so that you cannot prevent the damage. One example is, the Reef boss is usually a joke, but I skip it anytime it has an "Increased Region of Effect" modifier mainly because it's too uncomplicated to die within the phases wherever the boss is immune.

Player Reviews:

Interesting thought. Maybe after getting a few more levels will take a new character through maps with it and make some leveling advice if it works out. My impression last time tried to level a build like this is that it's too dependent on having amazing low-level ES gear. There are almost zero life nodes taken, and %ES nodes don't do much when you don't have very decent Gear.

3.6 Changes:

1. The build has roughly twice the damage and 5-10% more ES than 3.5. It should feel a LOT better with average gear, and it feels broken now with GG gear.

2. Drop Haste and Herald of Ice. Run Hatred + Zealotry (one on Mana, one on Blood Magic). You will probably need to lower the level of your Clarity on Blood Magic

3. Passive tree significantly reworked. Here's the new suggested tree.

4. Hatred watcher's eye with the +crit chance is now insane. Get an ES/clarity and Crit Chance/Hatred Eye if you can.

5. Added a section to the guide discussing options for building this on a budget, before you can afford the expensive items


+ Good "Jack of all trades" build. 

+ DPS that scales up to insane DPS with enough gear. Unbuffed ~2M DPS shaper DPS with the right gear, ~4M shaper DPS with GG gear.

+ DPS for this build is just pure, raw, unconditional DPS.

+ it's only under super specific conditions. 

+ inflate Path of Building numbers. 

+ Top Tier evident speed for mapping.

+ Freezes almost everything in the game, including T15 bosses

+ Can run decent Magic Find without sacrificing anything while clearing up to T16 maps. 

+ Can do all maps/map bosses/map mods except Elemental Reflect maps

+ Farms red Elder and Elder Guardians effortlessly.

+ Shaper is easy. Uber Elder is pretty easy if you know the mechanics.


- As a "Jack of all trades," this build is also master of none. If you want to specialize in something concrete (farming a particular boss, or pure pack evident speed while ignoring bosses, going maximum magic find, etc.), you should probably see a more specific build.

- Can get expensive to entirely gear

- Freezing Pulse still has a couple of clunky skill mechanics where it can get stuck in narrow doorways or on objects


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NO.2 [Poe 3.6 Builds] The Frost Queen Occultist Frostbolt - Damage is great


How that the vortex/frostbolt interaction will work if you send out the frostbolts and then hit your vortex button when those frostbolts collide with an enemy some items transpire.

1. The front bolt damage is dealt

2. The initial vortex damage is dealt

3. The vortex AOE is left under their feet for the dot dmg.

This leaves you vulnerable to getting hit — a lot. With life, you have acrobatics to give you 30% dodge, and another 50% evade, plus the block chance of the shield.


+ Damage is great

+ Gameplay doesn't get stale, and we use four skills

+ Top Tier survivability and defenses (we will go over these soon)

+ Fast mapper

+ VERY cheap, no uniques required and more Poe Currency.

+ SSF/HC/League start friendly, again no singles needed

+ Great scaling with the new 'Cold DOT Multi' affix

+ Vortex is instant cast!


- Can feel difficult or clunky to players used to playing '1-skill-wonder' builds

- The right portion of damage is on the back-end rather than front-loaded.

- Extremely tight on gem sockets, no room for herald/golem


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NO.3 [Poe 3.6 Builds] Very fun and engaging build to play WinterIsComing Elementalist


This build will clear ALL content (maps/shaper/lab/atziri/uber elder and so forth). It is Fun and ENGAGING, not price an extraordinary amount of Poe currency, and can get a league starter together with the means to perform all content material later on while you upgrade and invest into your character. On primary of this, it will need to have quickly moved or move skills rather than need to concern yourself with any weird issues that damage builds for me (which include running from mana, random one particular shot, not lacking in single target capability, etc., etc.)

All in all, locating a build that fits me and has all of those items can genuinely be a tall order to fill.

Props to your OP for this build. Quite excellent and relaxed transition into mapping. Especially for memory runs, this build has quite nice utility with both phase run and flame dash. The impulses explosion result is a quite great clear-speed excellent of a lifestyle of improvement on this build. Quite quickly and second league starter for Synth to date! Thanks! I've been undertaking it like this final week: I would propose capping your resistances very first though operating all around as part of your leveling gear. Then I would go for a pseudo five website link with >lvl 18 slower projectiles to start with. So the gloves. This will price you all-around 5chaos. Then a pseudo five website link to your vaal be (~3chaos). After this, I would go to get an ordinary Kaom's Heart that will value you all around ~1.6 exes. Try to obtain a corruption altar within your Incursion (your Temple) and go solo with your Kaom's Heart. Though you happen to be endeavoring to get the corruption altar, it is possible to purchase an ilvl >76 (I think) elder ring and alteration spam it for your warlord's mark. I received unlucky on this, so I ended up buying one for all-around 50c. I chose to purchase a cheap jewel with corrupted blood immunity while saving up for that Anatomical Know-how. 

This kind of covers to low-cost portion, but now you got the bare survivability essentials I'd say. 

With regards to your belt as well as your boots, it indeed is essential that you have a ton of resists on them as it may well show challenging later on this max them out.

After this comes a lot more expensive aspect, having the necklace, the anatomical awareness along with the green nightmare jewels, the pseudo six hyperlinks + enchant helmet and gloves. It depends on the material you're pushing during which order you'd want to upgrade this — additional dmg vs. far more survivability.


+ Very fun and engaging build to play

+ Breakneck pace build

+ Incredibly fast movement speed with phase run + Quicksilver

+ Flame Dash with more rapid casting to jump gaps/cliffs

+ One of the best AOE clears in the game hands down

+ Able to do strong burst single target damage which shreds map bosses

+ Incredibly fun self-crafting on tons of gear pieces

+ Can do almost all map mods

+ Able to do all content (all maps, uber atziri, all labs, shaper and guardians, uber elder)

+ Extremely high defensive capabilities

+ Immune to corrupting blood

+ Warlord's Mark on Hit

+ Aspect of the spider makes monsters covered in webs which looks sweet

+ Free Arcane Surge + Impulse explosion effect

+ Easy/Cheap to gear with room for lots of improvements as you get more currency


- Ele Reflect maps are NOT possible

- Physical Reflect maps are best to be avoided

- Hexproff AND no regen on the same Map should be avoided.

- Can be slightly laggy when you run into allies cannot die totem

- Single Target dps is hard to maintain for anything with multiple phases

- Not the best uber elder farmer, though can still be done decently

- Can be decently expensive to fully min/max yourself for end game gear


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NO.4 [Poe 3.6 Builds] Combines Massive DPS with exceptional safety and defensive Strategies 5+Mill Shaper DPS This Season


Gem Levels vs. Excellent are hard to balance from the end game, so I’ve employed Max vs. 20 to demonstrate which ones are most important… If you can obtain a level 21 gem with 23 excellent, you must work in situations the place they're both listed as essential. The only exception to that is Ice Spear… That is an odd situation, but you don't want projectile speed as it will make your damage decrease once you get near enough to cast frost bomb as we are scaling the second phase of IceSpear. Tend not to Excellent your Ice Spear.


+ Combines Massive DPS with exceptional safety and Defensive Strategies

+ Cheap and Accessible Required Unique(s) other than the Shav's which will be pricy this season I think

+ Webbed, Chilled and Shattering enemies everywhere

+ No need for a Golem or a totem (Also no need to remember to cast them)

+ Only Two Activated skills and one is frost bomb which has a duration

+ no need to think about flasks… smash every Flask, all the time. Great for Popsicle stick players (Or those with macros setup) 

+ Doesn’t run Blasphemy or self-cast curses so no need to kiss the monsters up close

+ customizable oaths for each map you enter

+ Budget End Game Gear uniques

+ NOT socket hungry, so you can cut out sockets to have Abyssal Sockets

+ Capable of clearing Maps and Bosses well without any clunky mechanics or weapon swapping, snapshotting, gem-swapping or well anything

+ Run Every Phys reflect map you can find

+ No mana issues ever… like you physically will not be able to have mana issues as long as you can channel the skill each second

+ Not flask Dependent – Flasks bump dps and give you your safe suffixes… but I’ve finished all guardians without flask charges up.

+ offscreen Killing 

+ No full passive tree Respec Necessary & Can Level as your Final Build and Skill Set

+ No Enlightened Required


- You need to understand the basic mechanics of the character, itemization and the game to play this build... e.g. the importance of resistance, what is LL, how you get to the end game in a chaos mitigation/immune situation, and how to scale damage, particularly in the time leading up to the Shavronne's wrappings. 

- Low Movement Speed… and limited to Flame Dash or Charged Dash for Movement Skills

- No Life Flasks

- Ele Reflect maps kill you instantly

- Zero Leech/No Regen maps are not as fun as you might think (Both are doable)

- Looking at your offhand… Don’t do it… 6 aura’s to restart, and with no life regen… you won’t be able to without a portal… just don’t unless you travel to town first… make a trip to Oriath, so you don’t have to lose them… sadly portal gem in offhand is a total no-no.

- Channeling Skill which you must stand still to cast


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