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Only 12% Cut Epic Games Will become a popular games platform

Epic Games has their own game development engine compared to the Steam platform. Even if this platform doesn't have much profit, there are still many directions that can be profitable. At the same time Epic has its own game Fortnite, which has become popular all over the world, There are a lot of companies that promote Fornite and profit from it, such as the global game service website U4N, and also promote Fortnite Save the world Weapons on the website. This also allows more players to know the game and know Epic Games. This brings great benefits to the promotion of Epic.

Since Epic Games launched its own game sales platform last year, it has attracted only a few game developers with its 12% platform. After all, compared to 30% of the Steam platform, Epic Games' 12% draw is even more tempting. Recently, Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney explained on Twitter the specific reasons for setting the platform to 12% cut.

In fact, when Epic Games announced that its platform was only 12%, many people were questioning such a low draw, and Epic Games could get enough profit.

Tim Sweeney, founder of Epic Games, recently said on Twitter that the reason they chose to set the platform to 12% would actually provide a greater competitive advantage for the vendors they work with. It will also establish a good relationship between Epic Games and game developers.

In the tweet, Tim Sweeney also explained that in 12% of the platform, in addition to cost, Epic Games can make a profit of 5%, and with the expansion of the scale, the profit rate can reach 6% -7%.

In fact, before this, Tim Sweeney announced the cost of Epic Games platform operation. For example, for the $60 game, Epic Games platform will get a profit of 3.9 dollars for each game sold, and the other 52.8 dollars will give To the developer, $3.3 is for payment, broadband, and service costs.

Compared to the 30% of the Steam platform, it is clear that 12% of Epic Games is more attractive to game developers. However, it is impossible to attract a game developer alone. After all, the success of a game is one of the biggest factors. Only by attracting more players' attention can the Epic Games platform gain a foothold in the competition of this game sales platform.