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Best Fortnite STW Advice for 2019 is an item seller that is very popular among Fortnite Save the World fans. We are committed to offering outstanding product services! Today we will share the best STW advice with you.


Do not trade with people you don't know.

If there is a leecher or AFKer in your game, just leave - do not carry them

Let trap tunnels do their work

Someone told me when I was in early plank to buy all the Evo Mats I could in the weekly store whether I use them yet or not. I started purchasing stuff I wasn't using and it was super helpful to have a stack of lightning and rain as I progressed in the game.

Buy all the event hero's even if you just stick them right on the collection book because you might want them later.

Level up the items in your collection book to earn rewards faster. At one point I was sitting on so much XP I didn't know what to do with, so I leveled up everything I could.

Help build for the objective, if you don't feel like you are a strong builder than let someone else take the lead but help by upgrading walls or drop mats to whoever is building.

Do nice things on the map, open a teddy and tag it loots if you don't need it. Mark Joel's pub or landmarks for people who are looking for them.

If you find a storm chest, call it out and wait a few minutes for other players to respond or head to your location, spend that time clearing and farming around the chest

Build and activate every antenna tower because it gives you a survivor to rescue.

Always look at the bonus objectives, many time they are super easy like doing an anomaly shard or rescue a survivor (see above)

Don't carry other players on their storm shields, if you load in and they don't have tunnels built or anything upgraded than help them do it right or let them fail