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Fortnite's V8.40 Update Lets You Pet the Dog, How It Works?

Fortnite's latest patch is now available, which brings a new time-limited mode, a series of gameplay changes, and more importantly, the ability to pet other people's pets. Yes, you can now pet the dog in Fortnite. However, how it works?

NO.1 What're the Pets in Fortnite Battle Royale?

Epic Games added Pets to the Fortnite Battle Royale last September as part of the season 6 of the game. Pets are a variant of back bling; animals like dogs, dragons or chameleons can sit in the character's backpack and calm down. There is not much interaction with them, only cute animations and virtual companions.

Pets react to everything that happens in the game, so if you are shot, some pets will cringe with fear or crouch to avoid bullets.

Pets are primarily exclusive to the Battle Pass system in Fortnite, so if you haven't unlocked them before, they may never reappear. Some pets have an extra color palette that you can unlock through Battle Pass for each season.

NO.2 How to Pet the Dog in Fortnite Battle Royale?

So far, players can get at least three pets in Fortnite. These pets act as Back Bling and run into battle with you, bark or just squat in your backpack. Added back in Season 6, players have been looking for a way to pet their companions for a long time. Epic Games responded to these requests in the latest update patch version 8.40. Players can now pet for their Back Bling companions, but the premise is that the player needs to know a caveat.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to pet your pet. Instead, you can only approach and interact with nearby friends' pets. It makes you unable to reach behind you and tap your little companion on the head, but it still does an excellent job to have the functionality in place at all.

If you would like to pet a dog, chameleon, dragon, or whatever other kinds of pet your friends might have, approach and press the reload button. This is E on PC, or X and Square on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 respectively. Doing so will trigger an animation that will let you show some love in your friend's backpack residing companion. Of course, petting a friend's pet does trigger some audio cues that other players can hear, so make sure you only stay with the pet when you are sure that the area is safe.

NO.3 What other updates are there for Fortnite's V8.40?

Another new item this week is an epic/legendary variation on the Infantry Rifle, with new visuals and increased stats. Also, the most significant features of Fortnite v8.40 are two new time-limited modes: one brought back to the plane, which removed in season eight, and the other reintroduced the excellent food fight mode. You can check out the official website to get more Fortnite's V8.40 patch notes details.