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Flint-Knock Pistol Now Hit Fortnite As Part of Patch 8.11

The Fortnite v8.11 patch is now live on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, apart from a bunch of new adjustments, Epic also brings players a new weapon into the fold that supports some pirate themes that players have seen in season 8. Here are things you need to know about the new Flint-Knock Pistol in Fortnite.

Description of the Fortnite Flint-Knock Pistol

Flint-Knock Pistol is available in Common and Uncommon rarities and can only be found from floor loot. About its attributes, the gun will not only repel the shooter but will also repel the target if it is close enough. Also, the closer to the target, the farther they are hit by the successful hit. To stop the knockback from taking place towards the shooter, although, players can crouch to negate the impact.

Fortnite Battle Royale's take on flintlock pistols with the Flint-Knock Pistol provides the gun close range damage of 86/90, however, it has a significant volume of damage falloff when applied. One particular drawback in the weapon is that players should reload immediately after every shot, with there being a 3 second reload time. Finally, players should take attention to the Heavy Ammo to keep it supplied with bullets. The following stats revealed from another website:

Flintlock Weapon Stats (Common) Flintlock Weapon Stats (Uncommon)
Name Stats Name Stats
Damage 86 Damage 90
Crit Chance 0% Crit Chance 0%
Crit Damage 0% Crit Damage 0%
Fire Rate 0.33 Fire Rate 0.33
Magazine Size 1 Magazine Size 1
Range 4000 Range 4000
Durability 99999 Durability /
Durability per Use 0.0 Durability per Use 0.0
Reload Time 3.19 Reload Time 3.045
Ammo Type Ammo: Heavy Bullets Ammo Type Ammo: Heavy Bullets
Ammo Cost 1 Ammo Cost 1
Impact 45 Impact 48

How to prevent fall damage with Fortnite Flint-Knock Pistol

Fall damage is one of the reasons many players accidentally eliminated; now there is a way to prevent the damage. A Reddit user made a video showing us how to avoid damage fall with Fortnite Flint-Knock Pistol.

Fortnite Flint-Knock Pistol would push players back immediately after pulling the trigger, which can be not only beneficial in gunfights but also avoiding fall damage. When you shot downwards in the floor - can be an efficient counterplay when falling.

Also, most of the players said the new Flintlock Pistol is so much fun; you can chain "jumps" with it, allowing you to pogo across the map.

What other updates are in Patch 8.11?

  • The Impulse Grenade has been taken back from the vault with its impulse strength against cars elevated by 344 %.
  • A new Limited Time Mode called One Shot now comes to Fortnite, which enables low gravity and restricts player overall health to just 50, with Sniper Rifles and Hunting Rifles becoming the only weapons obtainable, and Bandages being the only strategy to regenerate wellness.
  • The base damage of your Scoped Assault Rifle has elevated to 27/26 from 24/23.
  • And Epic also introduced a brand-new tournament with prize dollars.

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