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'The Floor is Lava' As A New Mode Comes to Fortnite with 8.20 Update

The Fortnite 8.20 update went live on Wednesday morning, followed by a series of exciting new features. It can be said that the most satisfying part of the player in the new Fortnite patch is a new limited-time mode called The Floor is Lava.

Read the description of this limited time mode: "The Volcano has sprung a leak...Drop, loot, RUN! Hold the high ground and be the last one standing in this spicy new LTM."

How 'The Floor is Lava' Mode Works?

In The Floor is Lava Mode, the lava will rise from the lowest part of the map to a few minutes after the start of the game until the entire map is covered. Touching it can hurt your health and get you into the air. However, players can build on lava, and they will get materials to help cover the map.

In the matches I participated in, the players competed on one side of the mountain, made use of port-a-rifts to get ahead and even throwing an impulse grenade, eager to throw the opponent into the lava below. Visionary players sit on the top of the mountain or custom towers. From these vantage points, savvy players fired the slopes that destroyed others. This is a mess, and I am having a good time.

This mode generates wood, bricks, and metal for players every few seconds throughout the game - this is a good thing since a bunch of mat sources is covered early in the game. This way, the player can focus on the building of the entire mode.

When the lava covers the map's mountains (or the volcano itself), players have to start building on the surface of the lava to survive. This is where the mode gets ridiculous. Every player that's left tries to stay alive, in small, precarious buildings that keep them safe from enemies and the rising lava. At this point, it doesn't matter if your bullets hit your opponents themselves or their builds — the goal is to dunk people into the lava one way or another. Shooting floors are just as effective as shooting people.

Where the mode becomes ridiculous is the player must begin building on the lava surface to survive when lava covers the mountain range of the map or the volcano itself. Every departing player stays alive in small, unstable buildings, keeping them away from enemies and rising lava. At this point, it doesn't matter if your bullet hits your opponent or their build - the aim is to pour people into the lava in one way or another. The shooting range is as effective as the shooter.

What Else in Fortnite V8.20 Update?

Weapon/Item Replacement The Baller no longer deals damage to players during a collision and will plan for future changes in the 8.30 update, allowing players to shoot through The Baller's glass. However, the non-glass area of the item is still can block damage and have a collision effect.

The siphon/material change may be the most significant change in this update, and the material changes implemented in the 7.40 update have been removed, restoring all settings in the core mode to their original settings. This includes an upper limit of 500/500/500 on the material, a reduction in health/materials at the time of elimination, and an increase in harvest rate. Although the mechanics are gradually withdrawing from the core mode, they will maintain a new arena game mode.

I saw 0 people complain about siphon settings. They made this game a lot more enjoyable as going for kills rewarded you more, and you didn't have to spend half the match farming materials.

Also, Fortnite V8.20 Update brings new Poison Dart Trap item and Foraged Items to the player. For more details, check out the official website.