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Fallout 76 Ritual Mask - How To Get One For Yourself

  Here Are All Ritual Mask Locations In The Game Of Fallout 76

  As it's known to all, though it is a purely cosmetic item, the Fallout 76 ritual mask is one of the most badass looking pieces of headgear in this game. Equip it to scare players first emerging from Vault 76, or during your late-night praising of the infamous Fallout 76 Mothman. Here are some tips about how to get the ritual mask in the game of Fallout 76.

  First Of All: Lucky Hole Mine

  This dark, deep and spooky mine is located in the Savage Divide. It could be tough to survive the journey to this ritual mask location without a higher level teammate or a large number of stimpaks. Make sure to bring enough supplies, too, because this mine (and accompanying story) goes down a pretty long way.

  The Lucky Hole Mine is the Fallout 76 version of the creepy Dunwich building you probably remember from Fallout 3. Just like Dunwich, this mine has seen its fair share of supernatural worship inspired by Lovecraft stories.

  As you walk your way down you will see the demonic cult handiwork, the remains of sacrificial rituals, and eventually the main altar room.

  However, the ritual mask you look for is not in this final altar room, but in a hidden "secret room." Once entering this main location you will be faced with three different directions you can go for your next step: go down a pretty large tunnel, up to a metal staircase, or through a pretty narrow passageway and please be more careful of the right-hand wall.

  There soon you will notice a small opening which is partially obstructed by an unnamed plant (and marked with a candle on the ground). This opening leads to an even smaller passageway that will wind its way to a much larger room with a computer console - look up, on top which will be the Fallout 76 ritual mask!

  Searching the ritual mask in this place is totally a lot more work than the other spawn point we will discuss next, but there are various other secrets to find while you make your own way down Lucky Hole Mine.

  Apart from the mysterious notes and Lovecraftian horrors, you still can find a pair of cultist blades on one of the larger altars along the way in the game of Fallout 76, which is so cool...

  Second: Basement In Mothman Museum

  Players should know this place of the ritual mask will spare you the treacherous Fallout 76 fast travel to the Savage Divide, but it also demands a lockpick skill of 2 to access (or a special key from a different place - below there is more information on that).

  In order to find the Mothman Museum, you will need to go to a place named Point Pleasant, conveniently indicated by the large text "MOTHMAN MUSEUM" on Fallout 76's in-game map. The museum is now located in the center of town, and if you want to enter you will at least have level 1 lockpick skill.

  Once you inside, you will need to unlock the restroom door which is located at the back of the ground-floor room.

  About that door can only be opened with a level 2 lockpick skill or with the "Bathroom Key" located in a home near Wilson Brother's Auto Repair. This home is also not too far from Vault 76 or Point Pleasant, and the key is definitely much easier to obtain than leveling up your lockpick skill.

  Once you enter the little house up the hill from Wilson Brother's Auto Repair, the key you are searching for will be laying on a metal desk by a Mothman poster. Never forget to go to the basement to grab the ritual bindings to finish the ritual mask set!

  Now that you have made it inside the bathroom of the Mothman Museum, you will pass around a wooden screen and down steps to the basement of the building. Just as you have expected that accessories from the mysterious cult of Mothman fill the whole room. And soon you can find the ritual mask on/or on the ground/or in front of one of the effigies surrounding the altar in the game of Fallout 76.


  FALLOUT 76 QUESTION: How to get Ritual Mask in Fallout 76?

  ANSWER: You can get the ritual mask from the Lucky Hole Mine in the Savage Divide or in the Mothman Museum's basement, you can find that at Point Pleasant directly west of Vault 76.

  The above several paragraphs tell where and how to get the ritual mask in the game of Fallout 76. Want to know more information about Fallout 76 like news, guides, feedback, and reviews. Click, and I am sure you will be satisfied with what you are about to get.