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Path of Exile Farming Currency Builds

As We Know, Path of Exile Currency can be discovered as drops from monsters or chests, bought directly from unique vendors in town, or received through the usage of the vendor recipe method by trading specific configurations of items to any town vendor. Currency obtained in quite a few locations, and we commonly lack currency as a result of the probability of utilizing it. The critical way to get Currency is always to brush the map. Cleaning the Map would be to possess an appropriate build. Given that our goal is Farming Currency, we have to choose a cost-effective build. Here we share with you the current widespread Farming builds.


NO.1 [Inquisitor] Major tier clearspeed Bashtart's SPARK Farming Build

To progress rapidly, you ought to not rush for the highest tier achievable as rapid as you could sense that could only lead to numerous deaths and aggravation. You ought to run map tier & levels which you could clear, fast and easy without dying. It is better to Clear a lot of lower tier maps quickly then to Clear a higher tier in a very long time. When something gets too easy you know, it is time to progress! If some bosses or some other content is too hard atm skip it and do it later.
The fastest way to progress imo is sometimes to take a step back... since sometimes with a bit better gear, a few more levels, etc. hard content becomes accessible.

+ Leading tier clearspeed
+ high dps
+ very safe mapping (all mods are doable except ele reflection)
+ viable for lvl 100
+ easy, quick and fun to play
+ very quickly movement speed

- Can't facetank everything
- No regen maps may be annoying

The offense is based on around Invetiable Judgement (crits ignore enemies resistances). The best method to scale the damage is with crit chance & multiplier, spell and elemental damage.

The defense is based on several layers. Our first line of defense is the cold damage of spark which freezes most trash mobs before they even can hit us. If Mobs don't get frozen and they try to run us, we use numerous mechanics to avoid the damage (evasion, dodge & block).
If those layers fail and we get hit we use different sources of damage mitigation to avoid one-shots. We use inquisitor ascendancy for crazy life/energy shield sustain with regeneration, life on hit and leech.

Alira (5 mana reg per sec, 20% Crit Multiplier, 15% all resistances)

1) Sanctify
2) Pious Path
3) Righteous Providence
4) Inevitable Judgment (a diamond flask will let your dps explode!!!)

> Soul of Tukohama: While stationary, gain 2% additional Physical Damage Reduction each second, up to a maximum of 8%. While stationary, increase 0.5% of Life Regenerated per second each second, up to a maximum of 2%
> Soul of Solaris: helps to avoid one-shots. I would take this as standard and for maps with reduced life recovery go with
> Soul of Arakaali: necessary to reach the crazy amount of life again! (will be processed when the debuff of blood rage is stoped from the immortal call which is protected from CWDT when we get hit.)

Path of Building > https://pastebin.com/8aKVdXmG
Skill Tree > http://bit.ly/2UtAeED
Read More > https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1838569

NO.2 [Raider] Harbour Bridge Farmer Build

This build uses Frenzy charges stacking to gain movement speed (440%+) along with having 130%+ faster casting Flame Dash, 50k TS damage and 4k life.

How to play it
1. Go to Harbour Bridge
2. Hit a pack of mobs that will activate 9 frenzy charges & Giga onslaught
3. Run forward to find syndicate, after it's done reset the zone

We only do intervention (scarabs) and research (the good stuff). You should block the other 2.
Use a flame dash to move over obstacles as we've got excellent cast speed - 36% from frenzy charges and 40% from Giga onslaught + 47% from faster casting.
To counter Hopeshredder debuff use Purity of Ice.

Path of Building > https://pastebin.com/EhyR70hf

NO.3 [Occultist] Spark yellow and red map farming Build
This Build is perfectly viable to be run as a league starter or with all rare items (no uniques); however, the build does more damage with the recommended Uniques. Use (regular) Spark - available in act 1, until you can get your hands on a Vaal Spark gem (Vaal gems give both the regular and Vaal version of a skill). If the spark is insufficient for boss killing, it may be legit to swap to another Skill such as ball lightning for boss fights.

+ League starter
+ Pack clearing
+ Yellow/red map farming (Clear speed)
+ Great aoe

- struggles with bosses in open areas
- A tad squishy while leveling
- Single target not amazing,

- Principal damage ability: (Vaal) Spark, supported by spell echo, is the core from the build and our first damaging spell (We use Vaal Spark for boss killing/whenever we have enough souls). It's fantastic for clearing packs of mobs reliably & efficiently.
- Curses: We use Projectile Weakness and Conductivity linked with Bane (casting bane applies both our curses)
- Arcane surge is also in our Bane link. We threw Bane (approx) every 5 seconds to keep up our afflictions & arcane surge buff.
- Auras: Our primary Auras are Herald of Thunder, Herald of Ice & Discipline (you'll be able also to take clarity while leveling for extra mana regen)
- Movement: Our first movement Shield Charge, supported by faster attacks & fortify, as well as Lightning Warp as it is beneficial for running the lab, trials & general "wall hax" (I have lightning warp in my 2nd set of weapons and switch to it when needed).
- Golems: Our golem will be the lightning golem, because of the lovely cast speed buff it provides us.
- Survivability: As much energy shield as we can get, Fortify & ES leech.
We will take Chaos Inoculation (CI) once we reach maps and have a decent amount of ES (5k+)
We will also be taking advantage of Immortal Call & CWDT (Cast When Damage Taken), with the addition of Increased duration support.

Kill All (extra two skill points)

Profane Bloom > Malediction > Wicked Ward > Vile Bastion

Major: Lunaris / Solaris
Minor: Abberath / Ralakesh

Path of Building > https://pastebin.com/jFf5rkXe

NO.4 [Juggernaut] Immune HOWA Jugg Farming Build

It will work on a lower budget, you will still have good es, damage, and immunities, but obviously, the more you have, the better. Fortunately, the build is so muscular that it will plow through the game even with 8-9k ES and lower damage, so you'll be able to farm up currency for gear improvements easily. I'd recommend you to have at least a few Exalted Orb worth of Poe currency before you decide to go for it though. This is easily one of the most active melee characters we have seen. For me, a "strong" Character combines great tankiness, damage and functionality/speed - this build excels in all of these aspects. Don't try to tank the most potent attacks in the game if your ES isn't high enough. If you are below 10k ES, some abilities can 1 shot you if they crit (Malachai slam, Uber Atziri's construct thing). You may tank shaper's slam comfortably even with 10k es, make sure you have fortified on. we recommend doing uber elder with at least 8-9k ES, and around 1m shaper dps, it needs to be easy to do it without dying at this point (of course if you know what you are doing :p)

+ indestructible with end game gear, just insanely tanky with the budget version
+ Insane damage
+ Flexibility, you'll be able to go for either more dps or more ES, you could use almost any skill you want
+ Immune to all major debuffs in the game (+ temp chains)
+ Mows via end game content like it's nothing, uber elder included
+ Excellent uber lab farmer
+ Very quick mapper
+ You may start the build with 3-5ex and upgrade it gradually

- Can't do ele reflect maps (unless you take out all support gems, the damage is still excellent then)
- Very expensive to reach crazy numbers

kill them all

Arakaali, you only need to upgrade Arachnoxia for increased recovery of energy shield, do it as soon as probable. For the minor one, we like Ralakesh, excellent against Phy's degens, lab traps and blind

Undeniable, Unstoppable, Unflinching, Unbreakable, the order doesn't matter but take Undeniable first

Path of Building > https://pastebin.com/rG3d9Dqn