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Path of Exile Introduction to Various Defenses and Use Guides

This article introduces the various defense attributes of Path of Exile. The defense attributes are divided into: blood volume, Energy Shield (ES), Armour, Avoidance, Dodge, block, bloodsucking, resistance.

NO.1 Blood volume:
The blood volume is also referred to as HP. As the basic survival value of most traditional games, I believe that everyone is familiar with it, I will not elaborate. A higher blood volume means a safer brush map.
The main sources of POE blood volume are as follows: 1. The initial blood volume of the character is 50 points, and the level of each level is increased by 12 points. 2, Ascendancy inside the blood% (percentage) 3, Armour and jewelry on the blood volume value added (very few % blood volume added equipment) 4, the strength of a small amount of blood supply (every 2 points of strength =1 point health)

NO.2 Energy Shield(ES)
Energy Shield is also referred to as ES. The genre of POE is mostly blood genre and ES genre. ES is equivalent to life value, that is, ES priority instead of life value to resist damage.
Since ES is easier to pile up than life, the value of high Energy Shield equipment in POE is relatively high, and because it is safer, the mainstream of POE is also ES genre.
The main sources of ES are the following:
1. ES% (%) in Ascendancy
2, Armour, jewelry ES and ES% (percentage) bonus
3, every 5 points wisdom = 1% Energy Shield

NO.3 Armour:
POE damage types are mainly divided into physical damage, elemental damage, chaos damage, Armour is used to defend against physical damage, there is no defense against elemental damage, the expected physical damage reduction limit is 90%, which is also very strange for many newcomers, why me The Armour is so high, the brush map is still very easy to die? The defense against elemental damage and chaos damage will be explained later.
The main source of Armour:
1. Fixed Armour bonus on Armour
2. Armour% (percentage) bonus in Ascendancy
3. Armour% (percentage) bonus on jewelry
Here I need to explain that Armour's formula for physical damage reduction is: damage reduction = Armour / (Armour + (10x damage))
By calculation, you will find that Armour has higher returns for less physical damage reduction and lower returns for higher physical damage, so don't go too far to pursue high Armour.

NO.4 Avoidance:
The Avoidance value gives the character a chance to Avoidance damage, including the state of the element being subjected to it and dizziness, increasing agility by 1% every 5 points.
Avoidance can only Avoidance the damage caused by the attack, and can't Avoidance the damage caused by the spell (because the spell is a must).
The chance of Avoidance will not be lower than 5%. The "hegemony" in Ascendancy will be reduced to 0%, and the upper limit of Avoidance is 95% (it is difficult to reach full value, and the profit is not proportional to the payout)
Suppose the monster hits 500.
1000 Avoidance chance is 14.22%
2000 Avoidance rate is 22.39% +8.17
3000 Avoidance probability is 28.53% +6.14
4000 Avoidance chance is 33.44% +4.91
5000 Avoidance chance is 37.52% +4.08
It can be seen that the higher the Avoidance value, the lower the gain.

NO.5 Dodge:
Avoidance is not the same as dodge, avoidance is stronger (avoidance is that each attack is calculated separately according to the avoidance rate), and avoidance is divided into attack avoidance and spell avoidance, but avoidance can only be obtained through the only Ascendancy and legendary Poe items. :
1. The shifting in Ascendancy and the Ascendancy behind it
2, Related legendary equipment
3, Quartz Flask

If the dodge rate is 40%, dodge is 30%.
The probability of actually avoiding the attack = 1 - (1 - 0.4) * (1 - 0.3) = 58%
If the dodge rate is 60%, dodge is 40%.
The probability of actually avoiding the attack = 1 - (1 - 0.6) * (1 - 0.4) = 76%
Therefore, to escape the defensive mechanism, then evasion is essential.

NO.6 Block:
Blocking is dependent on the equipment's avoidance means. After the block is successful, it is not hurt. The block is divided into attack block and spell block. The spell block is calculated based on the attack block. Special Ascendancy or equipment will be used. The block is used in the spell block. If not specified, the block rate displayed is the attack block. The upper limit of the block rate is 75% (meaning your attack block and spell block limit are both For 75%), you can get the block rate with some legendary items, and some legendary equipment can also increase your block limit.
Additional block acquisition (high yield):
1. The block rate bonus in Ascendancy (Duelist-Gladiator sublimation Ascendancy, attack block set to spell block)
2, Rumi's Concoction Granite Flask (increased double block rate)
3. Anvil of Faith Amber Amulet (increased 3% maximum block rate)
If you can stack the double block to 75%), your survivability will be greatly improved! After all, there is output when you live~

NO.7 Life stealing (mana stealing)
Blood-sucking (abbreviation) is one of the most important means of survival for POE. Can you look at it with a refreshing and enjoyable brush! After all, if you don't have blood-sucking, you have to stop drinking blood medicine, and the blood medicine's reply is very slow and very little. The following is the explanation for the mechanism of blood-sucking. Maybe it’s not clear to you, it’s okay, and there will be a summary.
Life stealing amount = (caused damage) x (n% damage stealing life)
The efficiency of the player stealing life each time is 20% of his own blood volume. The upper limit of blood volume per second. Each attack steals up to 2% of the life of each monster (the amount of his own blood). Targets can be superimposed (the upper limit is still there), assuming you have 1000 blood, you will steal 600 life in an attack, will return 200 points per second for three seconds, the blood return effect when your blood volume reaches the maximum stop.

Note: Increasing the percentage of life steals per second will increase your single (2% based on your own life) stealing, but the 20% limit is still there, for example, increasing 100% of life steals per second, and 2% becoming 4%. .
Increasing the maximum life steal rate is to increase the upper limit of stealing 20% ​​of your life. For example, you can increase the maximum life steal rate by 5%. The upper limit is increased from 20% to 25%, but you can steal at most each time. ) 2% of life's stealing will not increase.
Note: If you click on Vaal Pact (VP, side effect) in Ascendancy, there will be no limit of 3 seconds to return blood, and it will become 600 lives immediately.

To sum up: If you don't order Vaal Pact, you will need to increase your maximum life steal rate and life stealing %, otherwise your life steals % higher (even if you pile up 30% attack bloodsucking) is also difficult to suck Come back, this is why, in addition to Duelist's sublimation Slayer does not point to Vaal Pact (because Slayer sublimation Ascendancy adds a lot of life stealing rate and life stealing %), the other needs to point Vaal Pact. Of course, if you have Atziri Acuity (the glove comes with a crit to steal immediately), the crit is also very high, you can also do not need Vaal Pact.
Magic stealing rules are similar to life stealing, stealing efficiency is 12.5% ​​magic limit / per second
The ES genre can also convert life stealing into an energy shield and steal it.

NO.8 Elemental resistance:
As the name suggests, it is the resistance to elemental damage, reducing the damage to the elements.
The basic limit of the four resistances is 75%, which means that if your resistance is full (75%), when you receive a damage of 100 (non-physical damage), through the resistance reduction, you end up hurting. The value is only 25 points.
This is why, in the face of the newcomer's question, "How do I always die?", we all ask, is your resistance full?
Because the latter two difficulty of the game will reduce the resistance of the character (the general difficulty is 0%. The cruel difficulty is -20%, the ruthless difficulty is -60%, the alien copy is the default ruthless difficulty), so the resistance is full and becomes the game. One of the important indicators of viability.
Note: With equipment, Ascendancy, Flash, we can increase the upper limit of resistance. If your upper resistance limit is 100% (not absolute resistance in parentheses) then you will be immune to that kind of damage (non-physical) hurt). However, I think that reaching the 100% resistance limit can hardly be done~ After all, invincibility is just a legend~

Chaos resistance: Chaos damage is a special type of damage in POE, it can directly penetrate the energy shield to cause damage to the player, so you must point out CI in the ES genre (the body of the alien - the health value becomes 1, Immune chaos damage), or wear a large CI (Xue Lang's bodyguard robe - chaos damage can not penetrate the energy shield)
There are fewer monsters with chaotic damage in the game, so the blood genre does not need to deliberately pile up chaotic resistance when the pile is resistant. The three elements are full of resistance, and it is possible to get some chaos resistance.

Damage determination order
Injury → Dodge → Dodge → Block → Conversion → Damage Reduction → Use Magic Relief → Ultimate Damage
PS: The meaning of conversion, such as 20% physical damage from hate, is converted into frost damage.
The meaning of damage reduction, such as 20% global damage reduction for the body.
The use of magical relief, the spiritual sublimation in Ascendancy (30% of the damage is deducted from the magic when hit)

Priority for defense attribute selection
NO.1: Life/ES - As a basis, if the upper limit is too low, even if your defense is high, if you can't reach the level of immunity, the mobs or BOSS will take you a second... that's awkward.
NO.2: Elemental resistance - because the resistance reduction of the element is calculated in %, so when your element resistance is not full (75%), the brush is very easy to die, even if only The difference is 1%, and the gap is also very large.
NO.3: Other damage reduction methods - such as body protection (20% reduction); the extra resistance limit provided by Flash and damage conversion (for example: hate Flash - will be converted to 20% of physical damage into frost damage), Ice resistance is high, and the physical damage that is converted is even lower; Blocking Flash, providing more chances of blocking, after all, it will not be hurt after the block is successful