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Poe 3.6 builds with Tectonic Slam Mains Skills For Marauder

Tectonic Slam is definitely attacking abilities utilized by players and monsters. Unlike passive skills, they have to become directly operated (cast or attacked) by the player or the monster. that slams the ground in front of the player, carrying out refers to an area with radius in exactly where all enemies are often affected by the impact. Skill gems with an area of effect possess the AoE gem tag harm. Here We are going to share use Tectonic Slam Poe 3.6 builds for you.

NO.1 [Poe Juggernaut Build] Huge AoE Reasonably cheap gear Tectonic Slam Juggernaut

PoB - https://pastebin.com/RvXav8dr

This build may have much more harm and less life than the EO version. Phase/Acro is there to try and assist this but you'll have to actually focus on receiving life on gear. and chaos res. The one version will do more harm and crit extra regularly but has even less survivability. Loreweave continues to be likely BiS unless there are some wild synthesis chests. If there's a simple solution to shove consecrated ground into this build, it is best to do that.

It is possible to build crit or go EO, each is viable. Crit is additional harm, EO is far more lives. You desire a stygian vise belt at some point, with life, resists and ele dmg with weapons/fire damage/elemental damage. you may just search Poe.trade to get a total of x quantity to fire damage with attacks.
should you be crit, you'll want either an assassin mark on hit ring or oskarm gloves. If EO, whatever gloves are fine, the Offering to the Serpent are very very good for extra leech. Circle of Guilt with buff effect and Phys dmg could be the highest dps ring for either build, but pricey in case you are just starting out. It also makes obtaining res capped complicated, particularly when you are applying the Eye/Mokou's set up.
The wave of conviction offers a huge -25 to fire resistance. Since the swords are converting Phys to fire, it really is the majority element on the wave. we like Vaal haste greater than Vaal AW, but either is fine. We have flexibility with our gem slots, so obtaining Vaal haste is just luxury. Swinging faster = extra harm and more ignites which = far more life get. Ancestral protector offers 20% Extra attack speed when active, which can be huge. The totems are not there to do harm but to buff you. The top quality of various totems provides placement speed which makes employing both totems feel way far better.
General, you will find many unique methods to make this build and also you can customize it to whatever you'd like to accomplish. But, it can be not mechanically forgiving and it might be effortless to mess up charges, crit opportunity, accuracy, resists, etc. Holler along with your ambitions in the event you want some far more particular suggestions.

Tectonic Slam > Melee Phys, Ele with Attacks > Multistrike > Combustion > Added Fire
Vital: Set Tectonic Slam to "always attack without moving"
Herald of Purity, Herald of Ash, Arctic Armor
CWDT (we use enfeeble with IC/ID)
Leap Slam > FA > Fortify > Blood Magic
Stone Golem, Blood Rage, Decoy Totem (drop the golem and decoy totem after useless / to taste)
Vaal Skill (we utilizing AW > several totems > maim > cull)

Take the decreased stun possibility pantheon till you may have Unstoppable, then reduced DoT. Rearrange your minor pantheon primarily based on want. Shakari and Ralakesh are fantastic. If it is a burning ground map, use Abberath, when you suck at performing trials, Ryslatha, etc. Once you get to t15s the immune to poison boss soul is outstanding.
Jungle Valley boss' soul is a large boon to Soul of Arakaali and ought to be your objective asap. the 50% life recovery procs when an immortal call goes off in case you have blood rage active. This increases the life acquire from each sword, giving you 2 percent of max life gained per ignite. With this and arctic armor, you could facetank fairly a little.

This build features:
- Huge AoE
- Relatively cheap gear Items
- Excellent map clearing
- Potentially 1mil Shaper DPS
- Turning your screen orange
- Classic melee gameplay (auto-targeting like Sunder)

Kill Alira or kill all

NO.2 [Poe Marauder Build] Tectonic Slam - High life reg and No must care about fire res Build

Chieftain PoB Hyperlink - https://pastebin.com/VVATzreM
Berserker PoB Link - https://pastebin.com/5hqb0V8f
Juggernaut PoB Hyperlink - https://pastebin.com/pAFTdups

This build is designed about the Facebreaker, so you may notice a massive distinction in dmg as soon as you pick up these (Note: you may need "Adds # to # Physical Damage to Attacks" on your other items to scale the DMG from the Facebreaker).

Chieftain Pros:
+ No need to care about fire res
+ Higher life reg
+ 50% Phys to fire

Chieftain Cons:
- slow endurance charge generation against bosses

Berserker Pros:
+ Quick life & mana leech
+ quite a fast Warcry for endurance Charge generation against bosses and heal

Berserker Cons:
- not as much life reg as the other ascendancy because of the rage degen

Juggernaut Pros:
+ pretty tanky
+ Simple endurance charge generation against bosses
+ freeze Immunity

Berserker Cons:
- much less damage than Chieftain & Berserker

Chieftain Ascendancy:
At first, we take the Ngamahu, because if offers us 50% Physical to Fire, which means we've got 100% Phys to fire with Tectonic slam. Second, we take Hinekora which offers us our Life leech and additional dmg through the cover enemies in ash on hit. Third, we take Tawhoa which gives us some little bonus life reg and a bit much more dmg. And last we take Ramako because it provides us 100% Fire res, immunity to Ignite and plenty of life retention & some physical reduction.

Berserker Ascendancy:
At first, we take Pain Reaver because it provides us Life & Mana leech which helps us lots. Second, we take War-Bringer which let us spam our Enduring Cry much quicker which result in faster Endurance Charge stacking and has a nice side impact with the additional Life & Mana heal. Third, we take Aspect of Carnage which provides us an enormous dmg boost. And last we take Cloaked in Savagery which gives us an additional nice bonus if we take a Savage hit.
We don't pick Crave the Slaughter because we can already generate rage with the War Bringer extremely easily.

Juggernaut Ascendancy:
First, we take Unflinching which provides us our +1 Endurance Charge and a 25% likely to get full endurance charges instead of only one. Second, we take Unstoppable so we cant get stunned anymore are also immune to Freeze and Slow. Third, we take Unrelenting which offers a lot of additional defense stats like chaos res. At last, we take Unbreakable which provides us additional huge defense options.
We don't take Unyielding because we want to focus on defense power as a Juggernaut

Major Pantheon:
Prefer The Soul of Arakaali with 5% decreased Harm taken from Damage Over Time. You'll be able to upgrade this Soul with some nice additional effects like 30% decreased Effect of Shock & Shock duration and 25% Chaos Resistance against Harm Over Time.
The Soul of Brine King is a superior alternative which provides us 50% decreased Effect of Chill on You if your captured Nassar, Lion in the Seas in the Reef Map.
The Soul of Lunaris gives us up to 8% physical reduction against groups of enemy's. The upgrades from this Soul aren't really helpful at all.
The Soul of Solaris gives us up to 6& physical reduction against a single enemy. You can upgrade this Soul with some nice additional effects like Take no Additional Harm from Critical Strikes if you have taken a Critical Strike Recently
Minor Pantheon:
Prefer the Soul of Shakari with excellent Chaos reduction which works pretty well together with the Major Soul of Arakaali. It provides 5% decreased chaos harm taken & 25% reduced chaos harm over time taken while in a caustic cloud and makes you immune to poison after Capturing Terror in the Infinite Drifts in the Desert Spring Map.
The Soul of Abberath because we like to be Unaffected by Burning Ground.
The Soul of Gruthkul is a great alternative wich provides us up to 5% additional physical dmg reduction.
The Soul of Ralakesh is a very good alternative too with 25% chance to avoid Bleeding and 25% decreased Physical Harm over Time Harm taken while moving if you dont use the Death's Door Boots.
The Soul of Ryslatha can aid you in the Labyrinth with Life Flasks achieve 3 Charges every 3 seconds when you haven't used a Life Flask Recently.

Kill all for 2 Passive Points

NO.3 [Poe Juggernaunt Build] Kira's Broke Tectonic Slam Juggernaunt - 6.9k+ life and 1M+ DPS with 30c - Red Elder Down

Pob Hyperlink - https://pastebin.com/GqDZWjai

Are you tired of your character not performing any damage? Are you too poor to afford a Shavronne's Wrapping for your Low Life/ES build to work? Do you die on every map together with your Chaos Inoculated build because ES gear costs way too much? Well, you're in the right place, screw the meta!
With this build, you may do over 1 mil DPS, have over 6.9k eHP (with no clunky ES/MoM mechanics) as superior old life, and the character will pay for itself as you build it, in contrast to the multitude of builds that require exalts to just get off the ground.
With some additional investments (see ideal gear section), you can get to over 3 million DPS while retaining your tankiness. Adding an Abyssus will give you an additional 900k or so DPS on top of that, but you also die much quicker so it isn't a trade-off that we like.

This build isn't extremely tanky, after all, we gave up the weapon + glove slot for defenses and are trying to get physical harm on everything possible. That being said, play style wise, it is possible to attempt to use tectonic slam earlier so the mobs don't get in range to hit you. The Lightpoacher helmet also helps quite a bit with instant life recovery while mapping, which this build lacks otherwise.

During boss fights, know the boss mechanics well and dodge the big hits. For traps, go carefully and don't run through them recklessly. This build has about as much life recovery per second as a RF build (around 35%/s while bossing and 50%/s while mapping), which while is around the squishy side in my personal opinion, most builds don't have this much recovery potential.

+ Tons of harm, doesn't have to have levels or additional funding to scale up, you normally one shot normal mobs
+ Extremely cheap Poe Currency
+ Scales extremely well 
+ Great clear speed
+ Excellent amount of life and sustain in maps (about 50%/s without the need of flasks)
+ Great lab running

- Gearing with flat harm can become awkward
- Not the tankiest build out there, see molten strike juggernaut

1. Unstoppable - Stun and freeze immunity, cannot be slowed
2. Unflinching - Get those endurance charges for charged slams
3. Undeniable/Unbreakable - Choose one of your choice, unspec resolute technique when you get undeniable

Bandits: Kill all

Major: Arakaali
The life recovery rate makes you heal lots faster after taking big amounts of damage.
Minor: Shakari
Poison immunity prevents you from dying to poison DoT.