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Forza Horizon 4 Vehicles neglected by players - Honda Civic Type-R

In FH 4, due to the setting of the game mechanics, everyone is keen on drifting, and in the drift, there are most of the rear-wheel-drive cars, which leads people to ignore the front-wheel drive cars. The Honda Civic Type R is one of them.

NO.1 Introduction to Honda Civic Type-R
Equipped with a 2. 0T turbocharged engine, front engine, front wheel drive, 1414 kg weight, 62% / 38% weight distribution, independent rear suspension, 320 hp limit output, maximum torque of 400 Nm The 6-speed hand-speed variable box used, only 5.7 seconds from 0-100km/hour.

NO.2 Honda Civic Type-R Video

NO.3 Accelerated test
In the initial 48-112 km/h accelerated test, it took 3 seconds, and in the 48-80 km/h accelerated test it was 2.2 seconds. It is worth mentioning that the Civic R model has soared to the red line speed before 100 km/h. Through this round of comparison, we can see that the performance of the Honda Civic Type R midway acceleration is more powerful and more linear.

NO.4 Design concept
The Civic TYPE R enveloping design is exaggerated, and the car's already outstanding aerodynamic performance is further enhanced by the front tire air curtain and vortex engine. The all-LED headlights, the chrome finish on the front face are blackened, the more sturdy bumper, the air inlet for the brake disc cooling next to the fog light, including the carbon fiber front lip below, the entire front face It seems that people know that this is a stockpile.

The most eye-catching side is the 20-inch wheel hub, Bubray's front four rear and two piston brakes, and the brake disc is also punched. For faster heat dissipation, the air outlet behind the front wheel is not decorative. The wide body surrounds the side skirts and looks very sharp. The rear of the car has a large and sophisticated tail, a large spoiler, a venting hole in the center, and a wind knife on the roof. Everything is different.

NO.5 Honda Civic Type Rtiao Challenge Record
French Magny-Cours GP front rim record keeper: 2 minutes 01 seconds 51
Belgian Spa-Francorchamps predecessor lap record: 2 minutes 53 seconds 72
British Silverstone predecessor lap record: 2 minutes 31 seconds 32
Portugal Estoril Circuit predecessor lap record: 2 minutes 01 seconds 84
Hungary Hungaroring predecessor lap record: 2 minutes 10 seconds 19

Not only that, but the amazing 7 minutes, 43 seconds and 8 seconds on the famous Nürburgring North Ring circuit in Germany, 3 seconds faster than the fastest pre-drive golf GTI CLUBSPORTS. At that time, it ranked 64th in the Nurburgring record ranking, and now it ranks 82. Some people think that 82 is not so good. Then you can see other cars in the ranking. The first generation Audi R8 V10 is ranked 84, Porsche. The Kaman GT4 ranks 80th. From this ranking, it can be seen how difficult it is to enter the top 100 in a super-running ranking.

NO.6 How to get Honda Civic Type-R
Some players who like front-wheel drive cars like the Honda Civic Type R. In the game, the Honda Civic Type R can be obtained through the Spring Forzath ​​on event from February 7, 2019 to February 14, 2019. For some other reason, you can't finish the game. Don't worry, you can get it through the store after the season, but you need to spend some FH 4 Credits. If your Credits is not enough, please pay attention to U4N, here you get Not just Credits.

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