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What is the most profitable career in WOW Classic?

As the opening hours of WOW Classic approached day by day, it is not too much to emphasize how to earn gold coins. After all, WOW three fun - upgrade, PK, Dungeons Which one is inseparable from the support of WOW Classic Gold. Although there is no gold coin to play games, but the days of gold coins must be more happy than the days without gold coins. In WOW Classic, Azerothian's economy has no inflation, and gold coins have great value in the game economy.

Making money in WOW Classic is not only divided, but also divided into occupations. For example, everyone understands: In the early days when equipment is not formed, if you use Warrior to make money, it is best to pray not to lose money because you die too much. In the end, you may not even have the money to repair equipment. And using the Hunter profession to make money, you can earn a certain amount of money by killing some monsters every day, which is determined by the basic rules of WOW Classic.

In the example just now, given the example of Hunter making money, is Hunter making the most money in WOW Classic? Of course not, there is still a profession, the efficiency of making money is more than Hunter, this occupation is Rogue. In Rogue's eyes, making money is a relaxing technical activity. There is no technical content to earn gold coins by killing monsters. There are two main ways for Rogue to earn gold coins: Pick Pocket and Gathering.

Pick Pocket is Rogue's skill, and in the Stealth state, the Pick Pocket humanoid gets items. There are two places in the classic Pick Pocket route. The first place is the 30+ Dungeons - Scarlet Monastery. The Pick Pocket box can get a gray item called "Rogue's Diary", which can be sold to NPC for a gold coin. You can pick up Pocket to more than forty in an hour or so. In addition, there are several fixed refreshing treasure chests. The average one-hour income is about five gold coins. If you go along with Gathering herbs, the total income for one hour is around 50 gold coins. Another Pick Pocket is on the lower level of Blackrock Spire. Each box earns about thirty silver coins. Why is Blackrock Spire more dangerous than Scarlet Monastery and faster than Scarlet Monastery? The reason for choosing the lower layer of Blackrock Spire is that you can also kill Firebrand Pyromancer and Firebrand Invoker here. These two monsters have a chance to drop Recipe: Greater Fire Protection Potion, each Recipe is priced at 300-500 gold coins.

Using the characteristics of the skills, Rogue not only has free access to those dangerous places, but also uses mining and picking techniques to gain revenue. The more classic mining sites include Winterspring's Devil's Cave and Silithus's wormhole. Both places have a lot of rich Thorium veins. The Arcane Crystal dug by Rich Thorium Vein is the hard currency of the game world, equivalent to the real gold. It is said that it will never depreciate, but the benefits of mining need to look at luck. Sometimes 30 veins can not dig Arcane Crystal, sometimes a vein can dig two Arcane Crystal.

There are two places to get the most from collecting medicine, one is Razorfen Downs, Gathering Fadeleaf and Grave Moss, plus a few small BOSS, the stable income per hour is 35 - 45 gold coins, floating from the small BOSS Falling; another place to get rich is Dire Maul, Gathering's goal is Gromsblood and Ghost Mushroom, and by the way, you can search the book pile. If you are lucky, find a professional skill book and you can exchange a lot of gold coins. The most expensive is Rogue and Hunter's professional skills book, which can be sold for around 100 coins. The book for treating occupations is cheaper. If you find Foror's Compendium of Dragon Slaying, congratulations, it can sell a big price. Dire Maul's one-hour drug harvest is about 20 gold coins, and more revenue comes from the book pile.

After reading these introductions, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of Rogue's ability to make money. It is fixed for four hours a day, and it can earn two thousand gold coins in a week. In the 60th stage, a team of forty people consumes about 4,000 gold coins a week, and a Rogue week's earning income can support half a team. If you want to live a "rich man" in WOW Classic, you can consider choosing a Rogue career and really enjoy the "rich" life.