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WOW Classic's fastest Rogue Pick Lock skill upgrade guide

In the WOW Classic, Rogue has a unique Pick Lock skill. This skill plays an important role in some Dungeons battles. Now U4N tells you how Rogue can practice Pick Lock skills the fastest.

Alliance is in the practice safe in Lakeshire, try to drive to 100, which takes about 30 minutes, in the absence of anyone to grab you.

Horde's task of opening a treasure chest on the pirate ship to the south of The Barrens is also practiced at 100. Pay attention to the quest items, because an elite parrot will be brushed, and it can be made smaller with quest items.

Alliance at the top of the poison in Westfall, there is a box, if we can not point directly, you must use the Pick Lock skills to point, refresh very fast, and then only 1 box, you can keep on, more than 20 times In minutes, you can practice your skills to 170.

Horde can receive a drug-making task at level 21. To complete this task, the recommended level is 24+, and it is best to walk with 2 people because you need to kill a 24-level elite Goblin. To do this task, you need to signal Dwarven at the bottom of the tower, marching, and paying attention to the mission introduction will understand. Then go to the bottom of the tower to find the target monster, steal the key on him, if you have not stolen anything, kill him, and then steal it when he refreshes. Then you can meet a level 24 elite goblin at the top of the tower and kill him to take the quest items. Continue to complete the drug making mission. There is a box next to him. This requires you to order the Pick Lock skill and then order the box, otherwise you will not see the cursor opening the box, and of course you will not be able to complete the task. When you are level 35, you can go up to 175 here.

PS: In the above Pick Lock mission, the box opened at the bottom of the boat can also practice a skill, of course, if you have not handed in the task. In the Durnholde Keep in Hillsbrad, there are also a lot of boxes on the upper and lower floors that can be practiced. The lower level skills are lower, and the upper level skills will become green when they are 150.

At this stage, some tips on the Internet suggest that you go to the temple to practice skills, but when you go, you will find that there are a lot of boxes, but they are all red, they can't be opened at all, so we choose Desolace as the skill practice place.


There are a lot of boxes in the sea, the name is called the treasure chest of water, the 170 level in the past can open one level, the red circle logo in the picture has a more concentrated box, you don't have to go to other places, the refresh is not slow .

There are guides on the Internet that go to the pirate village, but where efficiency is not high, then where to go? The same map, we look at the top left corner, yes, Zul'Farrak, all of them are humanoid, stealing a circle, a dozen boxes. After stealing the reset map and stealing, don't blame, and the money is a lot, stealing an hour, at least 30G, including the money to sell garbage, if you are lucky enough to steal good equipment can sell a big price.

Still stealing the box, heavy garbage bin, legend can steal the box of Teebu's Blazing Longsword, go to the lower layer of Blackrock Spire, steal from the upstairs downstairs, at least a dozen boxes, can reach 300 in an hour.