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Lost Ark: The complete guide to Fortress, housing system

If you want to learn everything related to Life Skills, Housing, Professions, Commercial Skills, and Platinum Fields, we leave you the following Guides.

Many wonders if the Lost Ark has a Housing system, and the answer is Yes, it's called a Fortress. And it is an Island far from Arkesia where he will arrive through a song. In this Fortress, you can do many things that we will tell you about in this Guide.

Unlocked around level 25, your Stronghold acts as a base of operations for crafting, researching new tools, and completing daily activities. 



What is the Main Use of the Fortress?

Create potions to heal yourself and battle items for the end game.  You will have to invest time in your Fortress to not buy items from other players.

With the Fortress, you will get many benefits. For example, is that you will be able to complete daily activities and increase your Alts characters to level 50

The Fortress has its Energy bar. This means that everything you do will consume Energy as it happens with the Professions.



How do I improve Fortress?

You will need a lot of wood and Iron.

Tip: As you level up your character, take out your tools to get the Wood and Iron if you see an Iron Tree or Mine.

Some Keyboard Shortcuts within Fortress, the main one will be Management CTRL Key + 1.



How to unlock the Fortress (Housing) in Lost Ark?

To get to the Lost Ark Fortress, you have to finish the Main Mission To the Wall of Heroes; then, you will have to accept the MissionInvitation from Secretary Theo. As a reward, you will get the song of the Home that, when played, will take you directly to your Fortress.

You can do this approximately at level 25 of your character. Once the Fortress is unlocked, it will serve you for all your Characters.

You can name your Stronghold, then you can change it if you want, but you will have to pay 100 Gold.



The Laboratory is the critical place in your Stronghold, as it is where you unlock all the upgrades through research and recipes for crafting. 

We recommend that you always have research in progress to build your Stronghold well over time (in-game notifications alert you when research is over).

The Laboratory will help you expand your Fortress, expand the warehouse, build ships, and reduce the cost of tasks.


First Steps of the Board Laboratorywood and Iron

From there, he understands that wood and iron are essential prerequisites. So while you're questing, don't hesitate to cut down a tree or mine along the way, if only to have a reasonable and steady amount to start your research.


Structure Improvements

Usually, the most important thing is to improve the existing structures in the Fortress. For example, a level 3 lab allows you to perform two quests simultaneously.


Tip: Pay attention to the Cost of each Research

Keep in mind that some research costs Lost Ark gold or pirate coins. So pay attention to what you want to do first. For example, getting a new slot for a crew member during expeditions requires a lot of Pirate Coins.



The fortress building workshop allows you, among other things, to make Grenades, Potions, Food, etc.

Here are all the categories:

  • Combat: It allows you to make potions, bombs, grenades..., everything you need for your raids and other challenging activities.
  • Cook: This allows you to cook dishes that give bonuses for a limited time.
  • Structure: This allows you to build decorative items for your island via the "placement" tab, including systems that grant bonuses when equipped to the mansion.
  • Tools: This allows you to craft tools to collect wood, minerals, fish, etc.
  • Special: Allows you to craft unique items, such as archaeologist cards that give you access to dungeons.
  • Farm: This allows you to craft chests that offer different items.



The station is the tab you need to manage your time and resources better to earn rewards over time. 

Thanks to this, it is possible to send a crew to fulfill missions with great rewards  and especially:

  • EXP for your Fortress (a large amount)
  • pirate coins
  • Raid, Adventurer, or Victory Stamps
  • stones
  • different unique items



Consultation Adaptation and type of Sea

After checking the time and energy cost of an expedition,  try to make the adaptation high enough since the bigger it is, the more rewards there will be. His increases according to the characteristics of your crew (section "Information on the mission"). If it is too low, the gain in pirate doubloons is even more insignificant than what you spend.

 You have to click on the automatic training to get the best rate.

As you progress, you will get recipes to craft new ships. Once you have several, you can choose the one that best suits the type of Sea your crew will be facing,  drastically reducing your completion time.



Do the special missions to save time on your daily tasks.

In addition to expeditions, you quickly unlock special missions. These allow you to send your crew out to complete activities (like Guardians of Chaos Dungeon) so you don't have to do it yourself. Be careful, yes, because the conditions we just mentioned remain identical (pirate duplicates, adaptability, etc.).



The traveling merchants

One of the reasons it is interesting to visit your Fortress at least once a day is to meet the traveling merchants who sometimes offer rare items. 


Merchant NPCs

Not far from the traveling merchant, three NPCs allow you to purchase different items and even exchange stamps:

  • Jennifer: She trades crafting recipes for cooking or crafting tools in exchange for Adventurer's Seals.
  • Monet:  Besides a few other items, Monet is especially useful for exchanging your stamps. Thus, you can acquire raid stamps for victory stamps, raid stamps for adventurer stamps, etc.
  • Rondo: Similar to stamp exchanges, Rondo deals with exchanging crafting resources. For example, heavy iron ore for iron ore.



You can create specific structures in your Fortress that grant a passive effect. This menu is used to assign which passives you want to be active at any given time. 

Without an upgrade, you can only place two structures and two outfits in a mansion.

How to get structures: They can be crafted, or you can get them from the rewards of the adventurer's Tome or buy them at the store.

How to get Outfits for the Mansion: You can buy it with Blue Crystals or unlock it by reaching the maximum affinity with Lost Ark NPC.




You must reach level 52 and complete the shipping post guest legendary monster slayer. Once you comply with what they ask, you can accept the Incredible mission technology from the Magical Society, which will allow you to use the Training section.

Training Camp allows you to level up your characters passively. You can only level your feelings as much as two levels beneath your highest level character. 

Leveling up characters through the training ground takes several days or even weeks, depending on the character's current level and your max level. 

For instance, if you have a level 60 character, you'll be able to only level your alternate characters up to level 58 using this method. You can still use actively training characters, so this is a free XP farm.



You are going to have the ability to level up your Alts characters using Gold.

For Boosting Rohendel and later, the conditions change. Rohendel's

The first Boost requires one existing character Rohendel's second Boost requires three existing characters



Conditions to Empower (Boost) your Characters



Empower (Boost) your character to Bern: Unlock your Fortress

600 of {Gold} 



Power up (Boost) your character to Rohendel: Gain Item Level 460

1000 of {Gold}



Boost your character to Yorn: Gain Item Level 600

1400 of {Gold}



Boost your character to Yorn: Gain Item Level 600

1400 of {Gold}



Conditions to Empower (Boost) your Characters



Empower (Boost) your character to Bern: Unlock your Fortress

600 of {Gold} 



Power up (Boost) your character to Rohendel: Gain Item Level 460

1000 of {Gold}



Boost your character to Yorn: Gain Item Level 600

1400 of {Gold}



Boost your character to Yorn: Gain Item Level 600

1400 of {Gold}



Power up (Boost) your character to Punika: Gain Item Level 1100

2400 of {Gold}


Farm and Caves

You can unlock it when your Stronghold reaches level 15, and you complete the Quest Land of Green that will give you Felix, the adorable.



What can you do on the Farm?

Collect materials for your trades, these materials will not be the same ones you can obtain in Arkesia, but they will be used to make particular objects. You will not be able to sell them as they are tied to your character.

Should you never want, other players to take plants and so on from you, change the fortress settings. Where it appears as Stronghold Access, Uncheck the Allow All option.




The merchants will appear in your Stronghold. At the top left, you will have an announcement with the name and its location.

You can also get merchants by completing legendary quests that will give them to you as you complete the Adventurer's Tome (Guide) or raise your affinity with NPCs. Affinity Guide

The Merchants will be able to sell you from Sailors to skill runes.


Cheff – Festive Cooking

The Cheff will be able to make you different Feasts.

Each of these feasts gives you about ten servings of food.

You can share them with your group, but only if you are in the Fortress.

These Feasts last 2 hours, and they stack with the food you already have. Something special is that if you die, the Buff of this food will continue until the 2 hour period expires.


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