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The Best Mmorpgs On Ps4, Ps5, And Xbox To Play In 2022

MMORPGs are available on many platforms, but the Nintendo Switch, in particular, has grown in popularity among gamers in recent years. Therefore, we present MMORPGs that you can gamble on handheld consoles. What is the basis for this list? We show you 4 MMORPGs that you can play on Nintendo consoles in this list. The games were selected by MMORPG expert Alexander Leitsch, who played each game himself. You'll also find other titles that we didn't include directly in the rankings at the end of the list. On the other hand, if you're also on PC, you'll find some of the best games here: The best MMORPGs of 2022 right now - which one is right for me? Fans of Sony and Microsoft consoles can find what they're looking for here: the best MMORPGs on PS4, PS5, and Xbox to play in 2022.


Trove is a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in a voxel world that doesn't take it too seriously. Various classes include boomerang, pirate captain, and candy barbarian. You can then equip these characters and learn new skills with them.
Trove offers an open world where you can build specific tiles, similar to Minecraft.
The most convincing thing about this game is its colorful appearance and diverse gameplay.
In the endgame, you can complete dungeons with other players.

What happened recently?
Gamigo is constantly working on the further development of Trove, though not as big a step as the release and Trion Games.
For 2022, the Shadow Hunter class has been overhauled with minor balance tweaks. The last colossal patch is in March 2021, with a new biome and lots of new cosmetic items.
However, events await you every month that bring game innovations or rewards in some content.

Who is Trove interested in?
Trove is a mix of dungeon crawler, MMORPG, and Minecraft, but it's not good. However, the diverse classes and combat system are convincing.
If you want to explore dungeons, hone your skills, and have a fun, excellent time, check out Trove. However, if you're going to have the perfect equipment, the game doesn't offer great lore, just a handful of building choices and repetitive honing.


In Skyforge, you incarnate as a low-level god who can gather followers and expand his powers. The game combines fantasy and sci-fi elements.
In Skyforge, you don't fight in an open game world but on missions in a relatively small area. At the same time, plenty of PvP elements, including battle royale, PvE, and PvP, are separated here.
Skyforge features include:
Explore various instance play areas
Quests and battles with monsters, robots, aliens, and gods
Action-packed combat system
not bound to a class
Invasion as a group activity regularly
Expand your abilities and follow God
Various PvP content
On console, it's one of the MMORPGs with the best controls, but the graphics and performance could be improved. The menus and store mechanics are more reminiscent of mobile games.

What happened recently?
Skyforge is updated weekly but mainly includes bug fixes, balance tweaks, new seasons, new events, and offers in the store.
Meanwhile, support for German news has also ceased. However, in-game localizations are still available and should be kept for future updates.

Who is Skyforge interested in?
Skyforge is a lobby MMORPG that doesn't offer an open world but emphasizes how you can improve and develop your heroes.
If you like to fight many monsters and measure yourself against other players in PvP, then you can have a lot of fun in Skyforge. Also noteworthy is that once you unlock a hero in the game, you can try countless different classes with your hero. The last huge update was on December 17, 2021. At that time, new adventures were made, with adjustments to areas and trophies. A highlight is the first release on Nintendo Switch in February 2021.


Warframe is a fast-paced Free2Play shooter released in 2013 and has been continuously expanded and improved since then. In the game, you control a Warframe, a biomechanical battle suit that allows you to take on the roles of different classes.
You can experience the adventure in a PvE instance with four players.
Each Warframe has unique abilities, including shooting weapons, resurrecting undead, or super-fast attacks.
The focus is on loot, as there are always new and valuable items.
There are many big worlds to explore, all very different from each other.
Fight in PvP doesn't get as much attention as PvE and is largely ignored by the community. Therefore, it may take longer to find a match here.

What happened recently?
Warframe is getting a new expansion, New War, at the end of 2021. This brings new story campaigns, new Warframes, and other small innovations.
2022 will see more mission content but also significant revisions. At least two new game modes and a new Warframe are planned.

Who is Warframe interested in?
Warframe is perfect for all players who enjoy cooperative action and wild space combat. Because Warframe is great for playing with friends. Especially the action-packed combat is impressive.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis
In Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, you will begin your adventure in a 3D anime world where you battle your opponents in an action-packed combat system. In the beginning, you can choose from four different classes: Warrior, Priest, Rogue, and Wizard.
The game focuses on a lot of dialogue, battles with enemies, and, most importantly, fashion. The game is advertised on the website, allowing you to choose from over 2,000 skins to customize your look.

What's the question?
Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is a mobile game that has been ported to PlayStation and Switch. It's also accessible on mobile, while you can buy the Switch version for less than 10 euros. Graphics are correspondingly weaker.

Fantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Phantasy Star Online 2 is an MMORPG from Japan in the original version in 2012. The game then came to us in the West in 2020, followed by New Genesis in 2021 on the same client.
In New Genesis, you can choose from different classes through which you can explore an open world and fight giant bosses. The game has been moved to a new engine and offers excellent graphics via New Genesis. The MMORPG is particularly impressive with its action-packed combat and incredible jumps that can be used to climb buildings.

What's the question?
Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently only playable via cloud solutions on Nintendo Switch. As far as we know, this is currently only possible in Japan. Not sure when West will be able to play PSO2 on Switch.