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WOW Classic 1-60 Warrior PVE Talent Guide

This talent is very suitable for Warrior in WOW Classic. It can be used up to level 60, no need to replace it in the middle. This solution is mainly based on upgrade and PVE, and contains some PVP.

Talent Tree Program:
First choose Arms, in the process of upgrading, add talent skills in the following order.
Improved Rend+3 → Deflection+2 → Tactical Mastery+5 → Anger Management+1 → Improved Overpower+2 → Deflection+2 → Two-Handed Weapon Specialization+5 → Sweeping Strikes+1

At this point the character level has reached level 30, Warrior should be the task of Whirlwind Axe. However, at the 30th level, this task is very difficult for Warrior. Some monsters that need to be killed in the mission are of high rank, and some are elite. You must find a high-level friend to help you. If you feel that the task is too difficult to complete, then you should choose the weapon specialization direction according to the type of weapon you have in your hand. It may be a hammer weapon, a sword weapon or a long handle weapon. If you get Whirlwind Axe, choose Axe Specialization.
Axe Specialization+5 → Deep Wounds+3 → Impale+1 → Mortal Strike+1

At this time, the character level reaches 40, and 41 starts to increase Fury.
Cruelty+5 → Booming Voice+5 → Piercing Howl+1 → Improved Battle Shout+4

At this time, it is already 55. If there is a fixed team, you can level together, do the task or enter Dungeons. PVP players don't have to choose Blood Craze.
Improved Execute+2 → Improved Battle Shout+1 → Enrage+2

At this time, the character level reaches 60. If you do not transform the Protection, this talent is the general battlefield, Dungeons, and the wild.

Since this talent uses axe specialization, the main weapon is a two-handed axe. In the case of low level in the early stage, if there is no good weapon, you can also use the staff:
Crescent Staff → Corpsemaker → Whirlwind Axe → Bonebiter → Kang the Decapitator → Dreadforge Retaliator → Arcanite Reaper
For detailed weapon acquisition procedures, please refer to WOW Classic: 1-60 Warrior Weapons Leaderboard

Before the 60th level, the hammer and the sword are not very effective. If you have a good long-handled weapon, you can try it. Of course, if you are not lucky, you can't get the weapon, or you don't need a high weapon, you can also don't need Two-Handed Weapon Specialization talent, add 2 points to strengthen the charge, top up the skew, and add the remaining points.