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WOW Classic Warrior's Whirlwind Axe Task Detailed Process Guide

Warrior's iconic weapon, Whirlwind Axe!
WOW Classic is about to open, and new and old players have been waiting for a long time. If you are an old Warrior, you must remember this professional task that takes a lot of effort, time and materials. Of course, the final reward is also very rich, is the famous Whirlwind Axe / sword / hammer, 3 Cyclone weapons, because the recognized Whirlwind Axepk is the most powerful, so basically choose Whirlwind Axe.

If you are a new Warrior, then this strategy should be carefully looked at, which can reduce the number of deaths. In addition, the mission process of the Alliance and the Horde is the same.

Pre-task process
You can pick up the mission "The Islander" at the Warrior trainers in the major cities.
The Islander
Talk to Klannoc Macleod.
Map: The Barrens

According to the map above, the mission NPC is on the island south of Thorn Hill and can be swam directly from Thorn Hill.
Arrive at the mission site "Fray Island" and see the legendary Warrior Klannoc Macleod on the island to continue the mission.
This mission is to reach the central duel field, one by one to beat the challenger in a row, the task is not difficult, but if you are just 30 and a person, it is still very dangerous, to prepare the Bandage, blood bottle. After talking to the NPC after completing the task, you can learn Berserker Stance. If the task fails, give up the task and start over, waiting for the NPC to refresh. If you don't want to do the Whirlwind Axe task, just for Berserker Stance, then you can end here and have no effect on the future. The down process is for Whirlwind Axe.

Whirlwind Axe task flow
If you want to get Whirlwind Axe, continue to talk to Klannoc Macleod and accept The Windwatcher mission.
The Windwatcher
Talk to Bath'rah the Windwatcher.
He is a Troll hermit who lives between the Alterac Mountains and the Western Plaguelands. He is a master of weapons and a powerful Shaman.
Go to Bath'rah and follow the river on the east side of Tarren Mill to the north - Bath'rah's camp is next to the ruins on the east bank of the river.
Map: Hillsbrad Foothills

He wants to build a weapon for you. Next, on the map of Hillsbrad, which is Southshore, go up the river and you will see the NPC that builds your weapon and hand over the mission.
At this point you will receive a new mission: Cyclonian
Give him the things listed on Bath'rah's parchment.
Bloodscalp Tusk(30)
Essence of the Exile(1)

He needs to summon a special elemental creature to build a weapon for you, but summoning requires some material. The mission requires 8 Liferoots, one Essence of the Exile and 30 Bloodscalp Tusks.
Liferoot is easy to get, you can buy it at the auction house, or you can sponsor a friend of the drug collection. Bloodscalp is in Stranglethorn Vale, the Troll to the left of the Hunter Camp, and you can kill Troll with Stranglethorn Vale.
The task is done together, the 32-35 level monster, level 30 can also barely kill.

Map of Bloodscalp Tusk: Stranglethorn Vale
Bloodscalp Tusk location:

The most difficult is Essence of the Exile. This needs to be synthesized in Arathi Highlands by killing three elemental creatures. The key is that these elemental creatures are all 38-40, and they are very dense and the damage is high. The Warrior of level 30 has little hope.
At this time, I can only find a friend to help, 38 can be. Then start the long collection phase, Burning Charm, Thundering Charm, Cresting Charm, three elements will drop their Charm, and then each need 8 to synthesize the quest items. If you accidentally attract too many elemental creatures, you are very likely to die.

Burning Charm
How to get it: Kill Burning Exile Drop
Drop probability: 47.01%

Thundering Charm
How to get it: Kill Thundering Exile Drop
Drop probability: 78.5%

Cresting Charm
How to get it: Kill Cresting Exile Drop
Drop probability: 50.11%

After all is completed, return to Hillsbrad to hand over the mission, then summon the mission element creature, one person can't beat it, kill it with friends, and drop Whirlwind Heart. Complete the mission, select a weapon, and the mission is all over.

It is very difficult to complete this task at level 30. Although it can be done easily by one person at the 38 or 39 level, but there is something missing - the soul of Warrior, a spirit that is not afraid of difficulty.

Only when you are at level 30 can you feel the hardships and difficulties of this task, and you can understand Warrior's indomitable spirit and the spirit of advancing. Warrior along the way, Whirlwind Axe - Arcanite Reaper - The Unstoppable Force - Quel'Serrar, etc., each weapon is very difficult to obtain, only with the soul of Warrior, can overcome the difficulties to complete the dream, Warrior's real strength lies in the heart.