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WOW Classic Survival Hunter Talent Guide

Regarding Survival Hunter, if you don't have a good operating method, it is best not to choose.

Survival hunters have the greatest advantage in the battlefield, a variety of traps and other control methods, can control the battlefield rhythm very well.

NO.1 Why is Survival Hunter recommended on the battlefield?
Some people say that the Beast Mastery is very powerful on the battlefield. After the pet is in a violent state, the occupation like Mage can't resist. But don't forget that you must first learn to survive on the battlefield, and then kill the enemy.

Pet attacks are powerful, but if you are attacking Mage, Rogue lurks to you, you will die hard to see, and Beast Mastery will not survive if you leave the pet.

Marksmanship also has some shortcomings. Although its DPS is very high, there are not many control skills, and it is impossible to shoot within 8 yards. It is very dangerous to be close to a warrior or thief.

But the Survival Hunter is different. It relies on its own powerful control skills to stand on the battlefield, whether it is remote or melee.

NO.2 Survival Hunter Talent Program

NO.3 Detailed analysis of the Survival Hunter talent program
1.Humanoid Slaying(3/3)
This talent is a must choice, there is nothing to explain.

Most of this talent is only used to make up the number, although the hunter does not need a close attack, but does not increase the 2 points can not activate the following talent. This is just a time to prevent being attacked by a warrior. Maybe it will be Parry, who knows :)

This talent is very easy to use, although the text indicates a 25% chance, but the chance of triggering in actual combat is very high.

4. Trap synergy (2/2)
It is also very useful to extend the trap time and increase trap damage.
Especially the Frost Trap, it is very easy to use in the battlefield melee, grasp the opportunity to put a good trap, the deceleration effect is very obvious after the trigger, the duration is long, the greatest impact on the melee warriors, thieves and other melee occupations.
It is better if the Entrapment is triggered to trap the enemy. At this time, our players will damage the enemy with slow motion, and the enemy will be difficult to escape. Although some well-developed enemies can find a way to escape, they also effectively slow down the enemy's attack speed and gain time for the follow-up troops to come to reinforcements.

5.Survivalist (5/5)
This must be filled up, raising the upper limit of life by 10%, sometimes it is the key to your survival.

6.Deterrence (1/1)
This is used to save your life. When you are approached by a warrior or thief, turn on Deterrence and use Disengage to open the distance.

7.Trap Mastery (2/2)
Reduce the chance of the enemy resisting the trap, very good, top up!

Increase your chances of resisting the limit of movement, top up!

9.Killer Instinct(3/3)
To increase the chance of a critical strike, you can choose to top up, or you can add only 2 points, leave a little bit to add Lightning Reflexes.

10. Lightning Reflexes (1/5)
It's very useful to improve your agile attributes. However, due to the limited number of points, only 1 point is added here. You can modify the Killer Instinct (2/3) or trap effect (1/2) to adjust.

11.Improved Concussive Shot(5/5)
Can be used to extend the time the enemy gets out of the trap, especially the Frost Trap.

12.Improved Hunter's Mark (1/5)
This is just for making up the numbers, it doesn't make much difference.

13.Lethal Shots (5/5), Aimed Shot (1/1), Mortal Shots (5/5)
These three can greatly enhance the attack damage of the hunter. On the battlefield, there can be no control skills. The ultimate goal of the battlefield is to kill.

14.Eagle Eye(3/3)
It is very important to increase your attack range and be able to attack enemies in advance.

15.Scatter Shot (1/1)
It is also a control skill that can be used to interrupt the skills that the enemy is releasing.

This is suitable for use when both sides are in a melee. When the two sides are mixed together, they can be used in a wide range.

NO.4 Survival Hunter PVE Solution
Survival Hunter not only performs well on the battlefield, but also does not perform poorly in PVE. Below is the PVE talent, just a reference, you can modify it according to your own situation.

If you plan to use Survival Hunter in PVE, the above scenario can be used as a reference.

In the Survival talent, the most important thing is Lightning Reflexes (5/5), and the remaining points can be assigned according to your own preferences.

Efficiency (5/5) is essential. As for the Improved Aspect of the Hawk (5/5), you can choose whether you want or not. Can also be replaced by Improved Serpent Sting (5/5), no specific requirements, everything is based on their own actual situation.