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WOW Classic Marksmanship Hunter Talent Guide

In the previous guide on Hunter upgrades, we introduced Marksmanship Hunter and pointed out its pitfalls and shortcomings. If you read that article, then you should not come to upgrade.

The advantage of Marksmanship Hunter is that it has good equipment and high-injury weapons. If you don't have these, then it is better to use Beast Mastery for a while. If you find that your DPS has no pets, it will be more :)


NO.1 Marksmanship recommended for use in Dungeons
If Beast Mastery is the best talent for upgrading, then Marksmanship is the best talent for Dungeons.

When your weapon and equipment attributes reach a certain level, Marksmanship can make you break out more damage, while the tank attracts Boss hatred, so you can output without any scruples.

But in the process of upgrading, if you use Marksmanship, it will immediately attract the hatred of the monster, it will give up attacking your pet and change the target to you, and Marksmanship can't shoot within 8 yards. It is easy to attract kites in the wild. Go to more monsters, so this is why it is only recommended to use Marksmanship in Dungeons.

NO.2 Marksmanship PVE talent

NO.3 Marksmanship PVE talent detailed analysis
1.Improved Aspect of the Hawk(5/5)
There is nothing to say, Marksmanship exists for DPS, and increasing the attack speed is equivalent to increasing DPS.

In the vanilla era of Dungeons, Mage, Priest often lacks mana, let alone Hunter. Extend combat time to have more DPS.

3.Improved Hunter's Mark (5/5), Lethal Shots (5/5), Aimed Shot (1/1), Mortal Shots (5/5), Ranged Weapon Specialization (5/5)
These are all key to improving DPS, all of which must be filled.

4.Improved Serpent Sting(5/5),Improved Scorpid Sting(0/0)
Compared to Improved Scorpid Sting, Marksmanship Hunter uses more of the Improved Serpent Sting, which can continue to cause high damage to Boss, provided that it is not interrupted until the end of the battle.

5.Improved Arcane Shot(0/0),Eagle Eye(3/3),Barrage(3/3)
Improved Arcane Shot is not recommended here, it does not increase DPS, just reduces cooling time. This creates two problems, first disrupting your output loop, and secondly, as the cooldown decreases, it consumes mana very quickly.
Not recommended for long battles in PVE. But it can't be said that it is completely useless. In PVP, it is the key to winning. It can increase your attack frequency and cause a lot of attacks on the other party in a short time.

Although Eagle Eye can't increase DPS, it is very important to extend the shooting distance. Hunter is not a Platemail profession, and it is easy to die too close to Boss. Keep a good distance with Boss, even in the case of unexpected situations, there is enough time to find a safe place to Feign Death, the vanilla period repair costs are not cheap, not everyone has so many WOW Classic Gold.

Barrage usually doesn't use much, but AOE mobs can be used, but the main purpose of it is to activate Trueshot Aura.

6.Trueshot Aura (1/1)
Trueshot Aura is the ultimate goal of Marksmanship talent, which can bring great improvement to the team's DPS. As a Marksmanship Hunter, if you don't have Trueshot Aura, sorry! The head of the team will not let you join the team.

You don't even have a chance to enter Dungeons, don't say anything about DPS.

7.Beast Slayer (3/3), Humanoid Slaying (3/3)
Both of these can passively boost your DPS, you don't need to actively release it, and you don't need to pay attention to it like Improved Serpent Sting. It's very easy to use.

8. There are still two last skill points left here. You can choose Endurance Training (2/5) or Thick Hide (2/3).
They increase the blood of a pet and increase the armor of a pet. In the vanilla period, although you chose Marksmanship, pets are not completely useless. In a relatively large PVE, the therapist will not waste a drop of magic on your pet. Most of their energy is focused on the tank, followed by other players. At this time, how to protect pets is a question worth considering.

The main goal of this add-on program is to maximize DPS. The ultimate goal of Marksmanship Hunter is to activate Trueshot Aura, and the rest can be modified according to your personal preferences.