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WOW Classic Warrior Race Selection Guide

A collocation with a reasonable race and career will have a very good effect in the game. Warrior is the only profession that can be chosen for all races. Warrior has different characteristics for each race. There are some different changes in different situations.

As long as you can give full play to your racial superiority, you can win respect. WOW Classic is coming soon, many players are also worried about the choice of what kind of Warrior, so today U4N will share Warrior which race has more advantages, to provide you with some reference.

Due to the model problem of Gnome or Dwarf, it is related to whether the therapist can treat Warrior. In some cases, even if the terrain has only a crack-shaped depression, it is obvious that it can be seen above Warrior's shoulder.
It's not that the mouse can't click, even if you just click the name directly in the team panel, the system prompts "The target is not in the field of view". So to choose Gnome or Dwarf Warrior, you have to be prepared for a long time to become a potion.
If you used to be a therapist and experienced this, you will know how to avoid it. When you become Warrior, you will pay special attention to the terrain. If you haven't experienced it, you probably don't know what is being said here.

But this is not to say that Gnome or Dwarf Warrior can't. In PVP, Alliance's best choices are Gnome and Dwarf.
Dwarf has a stone statue shape, Gnome can lift the body effect once again, in the PVE Dwarf tank Stoneform can also resist damage.

What is the most disgusting in the wild? Of course it is Rogue! But Orc Warrior is resistant to coma, and the effect is very good. It is very common to resist coma twice in a row, and it is possible to disrupt Rogue's attack rhythm at any time.
When a Rogue sees Undead and Orc at the same time, it must be the first to start with Undead. This is the advantage. Although Undead has the Will of the Forsaken, Warrior has little dependence on it, so Orc is the best choice for Horde Warrior PVP, but it is not stable.

Human, Night Elf, Tauren and Troll. The Warrior of these 4 races has a good performance in PVE.

Human can increase the extra damage of the sword weapon, and with Sword Specialization, the damage is very high. Although Human also has Perceptive, the effect is not obvious in PVP.

Night Elf can increase the chance of dodge and will be of great help to the tank. In addition, Shadowmeld can play some role on the battlefield.

Tauren Warrior has an extra 5% blood volume and Stomp, which is perfect for tanks.

Troll has Berserking and is perfect for DPS.

Undead Warrior has only advantages for Shadow Priest and Warlock in PVP, not Fear, nor Charm. But encountering other professions is not dominant.

There are three stages in the relationship between Warrior and race.
In the first stage, I feel that the race is similar to Warrior, which is obviously a new player.
In the second stage, I feel that each race has different strengths and weaknesses for Warrior.
The third stage, regardless of the race used, is the same for Warrior and very skilled.