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Fortnite News: When Will Season 7 End and Season 8 Begin

With Fortnite's Week 10 challenges have gone live across PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile, it's almost time to say goodbye to Season 7, so be sure you jump in and complete these weekly challenges just before time's up. 

Fortnite Season 8 is coming, and currently, we're seeing changes around the map that point to something huge.

Season 7 of Fortnite has been extended by two weeks to account for the Christmas break. That suggests you will find a further few weeks to finish challenges, get those Battle Stars and level up your Battle Pass.

The Share the Love event is now resided and will run until February 27, just before Season eight begins. There's a new Competitive Series and Overtime Challenges to have stuck into, with a great deal of love-themed rewards.

As for what awaits in the new season, here're things we know so far about season 8.

1. When will Fortnite Season 8 begin?

Season 8 is due to begin on February 28, the day soon after the Share the Love event ends. There will no doubt be an enormous in-game event that you can join.

2. What will the Fortnite Season 8 map changes?

As could be the norm, there will probably be a huge in-game event to welcome inside the new season alongside some significant map alterations. Fortnite's map adjustments with every single season, so there's each likelihood a snowy corner will stay, even though we could see other changes in diverse places.

Dataminers have uncovered files relating to an earthquake, meaning that areas with the map could be damaged or destroyed. We've already noticed many alterations to Loot Lake lately, or possibly Tilted Towers will likely be destroyed for great this time.

The event has been dubbed the Cataclysm by the community. Many players have already skilled the sound from the ground cracking and screens shaking though playing. The datamined facts show that around 50 tremors are set to affect the map involving now plus the get started of Season 8, with a couple of happening every day.

A volcanic eruption can also be rumoured, which would match in with all the earthquake dynamic, but this has also been suggested just before to no avail. It will be a further signifies of melting the map swiftly, and we may be capable of seeing the complete castle that's presently buried at Polar Peak.

Some giant eggs had been discovered under Polar Peak with some fans thinking that they'll hatch some dragons, as Season eight of Fortnite is going to be live around the run-up for the new series in Game of Thrones.

Among potential fire-breathing dragons and an earthquake, there could be an enormous shakeup with the Fortnite map that goes beyond revamping a single region or removing it altogether, like Moisty Mire.

3. What will the Fortnite Season 8 themes be?

Swords have featured heavily in each Battle Royale and Save the World in Season 7, so a medieval theme for skins and weapons wouldn't be amiss. We could also see the likes of rideable dragons in that case or the return of bows and arrows.

The Prisoner skin challenges reward you with the Fire King at the end, and it's most likely that he'll have something to complete with Season 8. He was locked away in Snowstorm Castle when the Ice King took more than the map and provided all the dragon and volcano rumours flying about; we're probably going to view additional of him incredibly soon.

Players have reported seeing a light off the Northeast coast of your island, using the majority in the map thawed either side of that point. The Ice King and Sgt. Winter arrived with an icy armada, so it wouldn't be a surprise if the Fire King's army showed up inside a similar style.

We'll be updating this page as much more information about Season eight comes to light.