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The most indispensable material in WOW Classic - Past2

In the last installment, we introduced Elemental Earth, which can be used not only to make potions, but also to make other useful tools. Today, we are going to share Grave Moss.

When the 60th-level Blackwing Lair is open, Nefarian's Shadow Flame skill inflicts 3938 to 5063 Fire damage to enemies in a cone in front of the caster. Everyone needs to use Shadow Protection Potion to deal with it. Grave Moss is one of the essential ingredients for making potions. Although the syrup is a must in the Blackwing Lair, the price of Grave Moss is not too high, because it is not difficult for Rogue to collect. The specific collection method is described below.

NO.1 The use of Grave Moss:
Shadow Oil

Use: Attached to the weapon, you have a chance to cast a Shadowbolt when you hit the enemy. Lasts for 30 minutes.
2.Grave Moss (4)
3.Leaded Vial(1)

Shadow Protection Potion

Use: Absorbs 675 to 1126 Shadow damage for 1 hour.
1.Grave Moss(1)
3.Leaded Vial(1)
Recipe: Shadow Protection Potion

NO.2 Grave Moss access method:
There are two ways to get Grave Moss. One is to kill monsters and the other is to collect. The collection is divided into two ways. The following are listed separately:

NO.2-1 Kill the monster to get
Since killing monsters only has a certain probability of dropping Grave Moss, according to the collected data comparison, only the following are the high probability of falling:

Hagg Taurenbane
Rating: 26 (elite)
Health: 2,318
Injury: 197 - 234
Armor: 1,061
Drop probability: 0.56%
Map: The Barrens

Caretaker Weston
Rating: 41 (Elite)
Health: 4,749
Injury: 411 - 488
Armor: 2,101
Drop probability: 0.3%
Map: Arathi Highlands

NO.2-2 Field acquisition
As can be seen from the above data, the probability of getting Grave Moss by killing monsters is desperate. Therefore, the focus here is on the field collection scheme. Compared with the first scheme, the success rate of this scheme is 100%. As long as you find the resource points, you can get 100%, and the distribution of resource points is better than the first one. There are many kinds of schemes.
Since Grave Moss is distributed on many maps, only the most concentrated and easily collected maps are listed here.

Grave Moss resource distribution map of the cemetery:



NO.2-3 The most efficient way to get
In addition to the map above, careers with stealth skills can be collected in the Dungeons Razorfen Downs, and there are also a lot of Grave Moss in the Scarlet Monastery. Collecting Grave Moss in Dungeons is very efficient, just be careful not to let the monsters It turns out that you can get a lot of Grave Moss. Although the price of Grave Moss is not expensive, a group of Grave Moss also needs 10-15 WOW Classic Gold, and a backpack can hold more than 10 groups. In the age when the skill book needs to be purchased, this is also a very substantial income.