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WOW Classic Factors Affecting Hunter Pet Core Data

Enjoy the hot news of WOW. Hello everyone, here is the WoW hot news shared by U4N. Recently, everyone's attention has been placed on the upcoming WOW Classic, I believe this is what the old players have been looking forward to.
Today's in-depth interpretation is a few key things about Hunter pets. Pets are Hunter's most important partners. Hunter without pets is incomplete. In the current version, the pet's attributes have been simplified, but in the 1960s. At the time, there are many factors that affect the combat effectiveness of pets. The most critical core factors are five aspects:

NO.1 Pet breed
Hunter's biggest game fun is to catch a pet with excellent attributes and strong skills. In WOW Classic, the original settings of the pets are kept. As with the later versions, the pets in Classic are also divided into ordinary and rare. They are The attributes vary widely, and the skills or attack speed of rare pets are even better. So most Hunters want to catch rare pets like Broken Tooth, Krellack, King Bangalash. Regarding the refresh time of rare pets in Classic, Blizzard's response is calculated according to the 8.12 version of 8 hours, and a few rare pets have a refresh time of 12 hours, such as Broken Tooth.

NO.2 Pet level
Whether it's a rare pet or a regular pet, the experience value required for the upgrade is the same, 20% of the experience required to upgrade the current level.
In addition to killing creatures to gain experience, these pets can't gain experience bonuses through Hunter's missions, but pets don't need to participate in combat to gain a killing experience. But after the full level of Hunter, the experience gained by killing low-level creatures is very small. So after the full level of Hunter, the best way to upgrade a new pet is to bring it to Dungeons, which is the most efficient.

NO.3 Pet loyalty
The pets in WOW Classic are not like the current version, they are always following Hunter, they are divided into 6 levels in loyalty. They are: unreliable, uncontrollable, obedient, reliable, trustworthy, and loyal. To improve the loyalty of pets, you need to cultivate through online time. When Hunter catches a pet and feeds it, the pet's loyalty will become unreliable and uncontrollable. In the next 30 minutes, the pet's loyalty will become obedient, another 45 minutes and let the pet experience A successful 5% appreciation can be made reliable. After 60 minutes, pets will become trustworthy and become the most loyal partner of Hunter in 90 minutes. It's important to note that during the period of increasing loyalty, Hunter needs to kill creatures and not let pets die. The most important thing is to remember to feed.

NO.4 Pet happy value
Regarding the value of pets, I believe that everyone should be familiar with it, that is, to provide their favorite food for pets of various attributes. Normally, pets are generally divided into carnivorous and omnivorous. The happiness value will also be improved according to the loyalty and feeding situation of the pet. When the happiness value reaches 333 or less, the pet will be unhappy, and the DPS and skill effects will also be Will only reach the previous 75%. A happiness value between 334 and 666 indicates that the pet is currently satisfied, and the DPS and skill effects will reach normal levels. If the happiness value exceeds 666 then the pet will reach a happy state, and the DPS and skill effects will increase to 125%. And you will get a buff of up to 10 seconds.

NO.5 Pet attribute
The pet's attributes are also a very interesting issue. They can inherit Hunter's attributes, including 30% stamina, 35% armor, 40% resistance and 22% attack power, but hit and crit attributes cannot be inherited. of. Therefore, the level of pet properties depends entirely on Hunter's equipment attributes. No matter how powerful your operation is, equipment is the most direct means to open the gap.