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Poe Weapons - Path of Exile Weapons Guide with Builds

There are 900+ Poe released unique items, including Equipment, Currency and other more items. u4n PoE Currency Team will share Path of Exile Equipment includes Armour, Weapons, Accessories, jewels, and flasks. Here you can find Equipment Modifiers, How to get Equipment and builds with those Equipment on each league. Path of Exile weapons are type of items whose primary objective would be to deal damage. Base weapons each have innate properties which include harm, important strike chance, speed, and needs. Occasionally they include particular modifiers for instance a wand's enhanced spell damage. Magic, Uncommon, and One of a kind weapons come with modifiers in the Prefix and Suffix. Mods can give bonuses to the weapon or for the exile wielding it. Weapons are split into eight diverse categories.

Duskdawn Maelström Staff

Poe Duskdawn is an item class of two-handed melee weapons that demand strength and intelligence and have an x% Likelihood to Block implicit modifier together with a moderately higher base crucial strike likelihood.

United in Dream, Cutlass

United in Dream has the same base stats as a standard item of the same type, but have specific names, unique artwork, and setlists of modifiers instead of affixes Cutlass.

Arborix, Assassin Bow

Path of Exile Arborix is an item class of two-handed ranged weapons that require skill to equip. Quivers may be equipped with bows to provide additional bonuses.

Shade of Solaris, Sage Wand

PoE Shade of Solaris is a unique Sage Wand, and It's an excellent weapon for one of the new brand skills. This is a LOT of extra damage. Unless they change Orb of Storms, so you NEED to scale some crit to proc this effect reliably

Fate of the Vaal, Gemstone Sword

PoE Fate of the Vaal is a unique one-handed sword base type. It has a 100% chance to inflict the ailment. The magnitude of the Ailment is still scaled by the respective damage type (for example, lightning damage for Shock, in the absence of other modifiers).

Atziri's Disfavour, Vaal Axe

Poe Atziri's Disfavour is a unique Vaal Axe Weapons.Technically speaking, Cyclone does get the most out of Atziri's Disfavour since other skills don't care about its extraordinary weapon range. You can do whatever you want with it, of course, but to non-Cyclone skills Disfavour is just an AXE with decent DPS.

Death's Harp, Death Bow

Poe Death's Harp is a unique Death Bow Weapons. Death's harp is the only bow that has a global bonus that effects spell, which is why this build uses crit - if there is ever a caster bow released, expect this build to switch out of crits and into high cast speed and life.

Grelwood Shank, Eternal Sword

Poe Grelwood Shank is a unique Eternal Sword Weapons. Grelwood Shank is a unique Eternal Sword, This Weapon great for starting before you have got your molten strike helm to enchant and dying sun. They are also better for clearing and great for the mines since virtually all encounters are swarms of monsters rather than just one boss. Then if you want to do uber elder, you should probably swap into the nebulous version at some point.

Kingmaker, Vaal Axe

Poe Kingmaker is a unique Despot Axe Weapons. This AXE has more raw DPS than any unique 2H mace and all but two different 2H axes (Disfavour and Kitava's Feast.) It also has more raw DPS than any Unique 2H staff (not including the massive crit bonuses granted by Hege's which will undoubtedly bring it ahead of the Kingmaker.) It is even higher raw dps than all unique 2H swords other than Oro's and Starforge.

The Dancing Dervish, Reaver Sword

Poe The Dancing Dervish is a unique Reaver Sword Weapons. PoE The Dancing Dervish is just a concept. Pretty much you are using him to have a floating MTX sword running around behind you. He brings a fun play style of having rampage with facebreakers, but that is about it. As far as damage support he offers very little.

The Grey Spire, Judgement Staff

Poe The Grey Spire is a unique Judgement Staff Weapons. The Grey Spire is a new unique item in the league that offers some exciting bonuses at a reasonable opportunity cost. It's precisely what an individual item should be. Why is this item so perfect for good fire? First, Righteous Fire is somewhat difficult to scale because it does not benefit from spell damage.

Varunastra, Vaal Blade

Poe Varunastra is a unique Vaal Blade Weapons. PoE Varunastra is another good option. The original idea for the build was using these. However, they require their tree (in the tree section below). Damage is good and ends up similar to Scaeva/claws etc., scaling beyond that becomes a bit more problematic. The biggest problem is with their availability in that they drop from 'the formless sea' card or from Cairo. If Cairo isn't a Zana mod for the league, it can be weeks before they are readily available.

Windripper, Imperial Bow

Poe Kingmaker is a unique Imperial Bow Weapons. Poe Windripper is a bow that grants 15% IQ from frozen enemies. Since we freeze nearly every enemy with Herald of Ice and our vital hit probability, this is generally a 15% rise in IQ across the board. With IQ farming Poe Currency becoming the ideal way to get gold, this is just one particular additional IQ item that pushes our farming towards the next level.

Arakaali's Fang, Fiend Dagger

Poe Arakaali's Fang is a unique Fiend Dagger Weapons. Use whatever skill you like now that Damage is generic. We used SRS because it was decently stable. Go down to the Scion area and get both Increased Duration wheels and Necromantic Aegis. At level 53 you can equip Arakaali's Fang which makes Acts 7-10 trivial. At Level 53 ~ 70 points Arakaali's Fang is carrying you through the game.